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Hey I’m Blake and I’ve been watching the NFL since Superbowl XLVII when the Ravens beat the 49ers, and I used it as a perfect drinking opportunity in my first year of university.

Blake2After thoroughly enjoying the experience, I decided the following season to begin watching it, and already a fan of the Washington baseball team, by association the Redskins seemed the obvious choice with RGIII at the helm of a sinking ship.

As a student my weeks then regularly consisted of watching all the Prime Time games at daft hours in the morning with nothing better to do, and by the end of the season I was seen as the “expert” whilst watching the Seahawks blow out the Broncos in the next Superbowl.

Like a lot of people in the UK, despite only following the sport for a relatively short period of time, I looked to really further my knowledge of the sport by playing Madden, really paying attention to commentators and sneakily watching videos on whilst working. I even learnt what Spider 2-Y Banana means, thanks Jon Gruden.

Now I’m a regular attender at the International Series with 2 trips planned this year to the LA Rams against the Giants and my beloved Redskins beat the Bengals.

Feel free to follow me on Twitter at @FinneyBlake where there will be a mix of NFL, Football (The English kind), Baseball and various other sporting views for you to discuss with me.