News and views on all things American Football from a fans perspective

Hi folks! My name is Graham Henderson, I’m a Houston Texans fan also known as “The Kilted Texan”.

HendoI used to watch the NFL back in the 90s but never really felt the desire to back anyone properly and enjoyed the sport for what it was an action packed hard hitting sport. It was 8 years ago I started my journey as a Texans fan when I went to my first ever game. Since then I have become more and more avid about the Texans.

I have been featured on their Facebook account, their website and also tailgated with the best fans Houston has to offer. I frequent the International series and enjoy nothing more than to talk football so if you see me at any games don’t let my game day attire put you off come and approach me and let’s talk some football.

I have been lucky enough to feature on podcasts and write articles for varies football outlets. I’m looking forward to working with Liz/NFLGirlUK (who I met at the International Series in 2015, see photo below!) as this is a great opportunity to further the Texans fanbase in the UK.

You can follow me on Twitter, find me by searching for @The_1_Hendo & @TexansUK.