News and views on all things American Football from a fans perspective


Hi, I’m Nikki and my passion is the NFL and more specifically, the New York Jets!

I’ve been writing about the NFL since January 2015 when I started my blog What started out as a new year’s resolution to do something beyond work quickly grew and I now contribute to a range of NFL and Jets sites in the UK and US. I’ve appeared on BBC 5Live sports extra and the New York Jets’ TV show ‘Jetlife’on CBS NY.  Although I’m a huge Jets fan, I love the NFL in general and have written on topics that range from draft previews and game reviews to analysis of coaching, management and the impact of player injury.


In some ways I married into American Football as my husband has been an avid fan of the 49ers since the 1980s. As the sort of person who is not happy when I don’t fully understand something, I made it my aim to learn as much as possible about the game that was frequently on my TV! In 2010, I bought my husband surprise tickets to MetLife stadium as part of our honeymoon and fell in love with the Jets! Since then my knowledge of the game has grown hugely and I love to share this with others through writing.

I’ve been lucky enough to have some amazing experiences as an NFL writer and have met some fantastic people from across the world. I’m so happy to be part of and to continue to share my passion for my favourite sport with fans in the UK.