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Yo! I’m Richard King, a Packers fan who got into the NFL from playing Madden.

I never really understood the game originally. I would just try and launch my players forward and hope for the best, my brother was into the game somewhat being a Pats fan (as they were the team winning) and went with him to the 2012 international series game (Pats v Rams)

From there I started looking more into the game, and supported the Packers (who I chose due to my love for ‘That 70’s Show’) and my previous Madden experiences. I was able to get tickets to the Jags v 49ers in 2013, and from then I became a season ticket holder for the games.

It wasn’t until a co-worker took interest, and a Franchise Mode set up with friends that I really became interested in the NFL and became totally immersed with it all. I love looking at the NFL and stumbled across Liz’s @NFLGirlUK twitter account, then website, then from there I started contributing articles – and now I get to write about the game!

Away from NFL I love rugby, where I support Bath, and as I haven’t grown up I still build Lego! You can follow me on Twitter @dvdaldo which is also my Xbox Gamertag if you want to challenge me at Madden