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Hi! I’m Stuart. Although I’m in my early forties, I’m the ‘senior citizen’ of the NFLGirlUK writing team and it doesn’t hurt (Ok, it does, a little!).

Stuart_IMG_2037I’ve been watching the NFL since 1985 when the Bears steamrolled their way to Super Bowl XX. Although a 20 year hiatus ensued a few years later, I have been totally consumed by this game since a day trip to Raymond James Stadium to watch the Tampa Bay Buccaneers during a family holiday in Florida in 2012. Since that day I am now a 100% Buccaneers fan and long for the days when they get back to mixing it with the best that the NFL has to offer. Despite this love for the Bucs, I also try and watch as many NFL games as I possibly can which only adds to my affection for this fantastic game.

Currently enjoying the opportunity to not only write about the NFL but also interact with the fellow contributors and website visitors. I would like to think that my lack of writing experience is more than made up for my passion for this game but only you can be the judge of that.

Away from the NFL, I am a die hard Aberdeen FC fan (feel free to discuss the merits of the Dons or indeed Scottish Football), a Star Wars fan, a Madden addict, a golfer, oh and a husband and dad of three kids. Oh and I do love a good old fashioned pun!

You can follow me on Twitter, @Stuarty1973, where I am always open to discussing any of the above!