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NFC North Predictions – Green Bay Packers

As part of a series of posts, I’ve looked at each of the games that the teams in the NFC North are going to be playing this season, then each week of the regular season in my prediction of the results for the week to come I’ll revisit these. Hopefully I get lauded as a predictive wizard come the end of the season!

Week 1: @Jaguars
Prediction: WIN
I think the Jags D at this point won’t be a unit, and still be feeling each other out. That combined with hopefully a healthy attack for the Packers gives them the win.

Week 2: @Vikings
Prediction: LOSE
I can’t choose too much between the teams, I’ve given home field advantage to each team

Week 3: Lions 
Prediction: WIN
I’ve said it once I’ll say it again- the roster for the Lions is not great, easy win in Green Bay

Week 4: BYE WEEK

Week 5: Giants
Prediction: WIN
Giants can be hot or cold, and I think after a bye week you’ll see the Packers want to come out and blow the Giants away, if the pass rush for the Giants gets on top though it’s anyone’s game

Week 6: Cowboys
Prediction: LOSE
Dez and Romo still hurt after the catch that was ruled out as an incompletion. I expect them to go big on the field where it happened.

Week 7: Bears
Prediction: WIN
Home field advantage along with the motivation to bounce back after the loss the week before

Week 8: @Falcons
Prediction: WIN
The Falcons don’t have a D to stop the Packers attack, and they only have one Julio Jones on the field

Week 9: Colts
Prediction: WIN
Home advantage, and I think that secondary unit of the Packers may be able to enjoy enough of a rush from its front seven to stop the Colts getting on top, and Rodgers is going to keep the Colts D guessing with his pass/ rush threat

Week 10: @Titans
Prediction: WIN
Titans are not great- Packers to pick up the win on the road

Week 11: @Redskins
Prediction: LOSE
It was a freak few plays that led to the Packers leaving the playoffs with a win here, I don’t think they will be as lucky this time round.

Week 12: @Eagles
Prediction: WIN
QB situation is an unknown, and outside of that the roster that was gutted by Chip Kelly I don’t think will be strong enough to hold out the Packers

Week 13: Texans
Prediction: WIN
Home field advantage, but I think this game could be close if the Texans offense lives up to the billing, at this point would be firing well as a unit.

Week 14: Seahawks
Prediction: LOSE
The eternal team of nightmares of the Packers- I hate the Seahawks…

Week 15: @Bears
Prediction: WIN
Week 16: Vikings
Prediction: WIN
Week 17: @Lions
Prediction: WIN
Packers to finish their season with wins over each divisional team, the Lions are not a great team, the Bears while they are improving need to make more improvements to push the better teams in the division. The Vikings I give to the Packers on home field advantage

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Cheesehead who away from NFL loves rugby, (Bath), and as I haven’t grown up I still build Lego! You can follow me on Twitter @excelgeek which is also my Xbox Gamertag if you want to challenge me at Madden

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  1. Kadeem Simmonds

    Jags are beating the Packers week 1, thought I would tell you…

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