2020 DFS NFL Bets: Week 12 Waiver Wire QBs, RBs, WRs Hot Picks

2020 DFS NFL Bets: Week 12 Waiver Wire QBs, RBs, WRs Hot Picks

The NFL just got more intense today as it almost completes the Week 17 Playoffs. Every participating team strived hard to take the top seeds of their respective divisions to make it to the second rounds. Looking into the current results, it seems the Divisional Round will be exciting because some dogs are earning their spot more compared to the huge favorites.

While the NFL second round is fast approaching, fantasy football is also making large opportunities for punters to wager online. With two more teams taking the bye week schedule in DFS football, the Panthers and the Bucs, there are more reasons to gamble in DFS football. In fact, fantasy football is also now on its Week 12, making ways for waiver players to get drafted.

Waiver players are referred to as unclaimed talents in DFS that can heavily perform in the coming fantasy weeks. They are currently in demand, giving every fantasy player a chance to pick for them. Let’s meet the Week 12 DFS football waiver wire players that are up for grabs, which can make an impact on your fantasy football roster if you bid for them. 

Week 12 Waiver Wire Quarterbacks 

Quarterbacks demand the most significant picks you should make every week in DFS football. In real NFL games, they contribute to their team’s point spreads, mostly if they did well in the previous matches. 

Here are some waiver wire QBs you might bid to include in your fantasy lineup. 

Teddy Bridgewater 

With the Panthers’ impressive 20-0 game run against the Lions in Week 11, Teddy Bridgewater caught the DFS football community’s attention. In the past weeks, he had suffered a knee injury, but today, he joins the most-watched QBs, including the fantasy games. 

Tua Tagovailoa

He may not have a consistent performance since the start of the NFL season, Tua Tagovailoa is making excellent performances in the past few weeks. In Week 10, the Dolphins dispatched the Chargers in a 29-21 game run. Today, they are going head to head with the Broncos, and once they win, Tagovailoa is the next waiver wire QB you must claim to include in your next fantasy football team. 

Derek Carr 

Averaging around 240 passing yards, Derek Carr starts to heat the fantasy football games. In Week 10, Carr accomplished 1.8 touchdowns per game, defeating the Broncos in a 37-12 game run. Although they will face the Chiefs in Week 11, this QB player is undoubtedly an excellent bid you can pick in DFS football in the coming days. 

Jameis Winston

Jameis Winston will replace Drew Brees as he will be out for three weeks. He is the 2019 passing leader, and this is enough reason he’s a waiver wire player to claim in your next fantasy football games. 

Daniel Jones 

Late games are not a problem to Daniel Jones as it is where he can perform excellently. The Giants made a huge leap in Week 10 and will do in the upcoming matches if Daniel Jones continues to perform impressively. 

Week 12 Waiver Wire Running Backs 

Running backs are part of the football’s offensive line where they carry the ball. With the same role to portray in fantasy games, here are the waiver wire running backs you might include in your Week 12 roster. 

Wayne Gallman 

After the Giants main RB Devonta Freeman suffered an ankle injury, Wayne Gallman took the replacement. In his past games, Gallman soared high, accomplishing five TDs and averaged 3.7 yards per carry. 

Adrian Peterson 

Together with Johnson, Peterson was scratched-off by the Lions at the beginning of the season as their main RB. They made way for D’Andre Swift, but this man had suffered a concussion. Today, Peterson is back as the RB and has undeniably racked-up, especially in the fantasy picks. 

Week 12 Waiver Wire Wide Receivers 

Not only the QBs and the RBs are essential, but Wide Receivers also portray a much-needed role in your DFS football games. Here are the Week 12 waiver wire RBs to consider. 

Curtis Samuel 

Averaging 61.3 yards and 8.3 touches,  Curtis Samuel has contributed much to the Panthers’ victory in the past three weeks. If you consider picking an impressive WR for your next fantasy football lineup, Samuel is a good waiver wire player to claim. 

Sterling Shepard 

Sterling Shepard started to dominate the fantasy games in the last four weeks, and he’s a real PPR threat. Although he got a toe injury before coming in the last games, he had accomplished 26 passes in 219 yards, including touchdowns.

Michael Gallup

Michael Gallup started this season weak and had missed earning the percentage passes like what he did last year. It’s not too late for him as today, he made impressive passes and defenses, which makes him one of the waivers to consider. 


Like the real NFL, fantasy football games need the right and best players to include in your roster. Remember that you have to go against many fantasy players, and to form a reliable team can increase your chances of winning. Hence, in the coming days where you dream of earning the bacon in a fantasy football game, considering claiming the waiver wire players mentioned above.

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