The Winners of the 2021 NFL Postseason Divisional Playoffs

The Winners of the 2021 NFL Postseason Divisional Playoffs

The 2021 NFL Playoffs have concluded, and four of the best teams will advance to the Conference Championship. Experts did not have a hard time predicting the two playoff matchups. However, the other two games on the round were an equal match, making it hard for fans and experts to pick a team they thought would win the playoffs.

After the 2-day NFL Divisional Round, it is now time to pick for the Conference Championship winner that will advance and play at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida, this coming February 7, 2021.

Below are the four teams who won and will proceed to the Conference Championship next week.

Kansas City Chiefs

As predicted by many, the Chiefs win the playoffs against the Browns by 22-17. It was a disheartening game for the Chiefs as their lead player and Quarterback Patrick Mahomes is out of the picture in the third quarter of the game. Mahomes could not finish the game against Brown after a concussion in the head.

Despite what happened, the Chiefs still made it and won the game with Chad Henne’s help. Henne displayed a great performance as a substitute for Mahomes. It wasn’t perfect, but he did pretty well, especially when he made a third-down run, and that fourth-down conversion secured the game.

The Chiefs will likely play in the Conference Championship against the Bills without Mahomes. It was a huge loss for the team, but they need to do their best to secure their spot for the Super Bowl and hope by then, Mahomes will be fully recovered and can participate.

Green Bay Packers

Another team who was predicted to win the playoffs is the Green Bay Packers, and they sure did. Experts are certain about the Packers dominating the game against the Los Angeles Rams as they are the number two favorite team to play for the Super Bowl this year.

The combined efforts of the whole team resulted in their 32-18 victory over the Rams. The Packers offense leaped from rank 23 last year to rank number two on the third down and ranked eight to rank one on the red zone. The team’s offense had a noticeable improvement in the second year of Matt LaFleur as their head coach.

Buffalo Bills

It was not a good game for the Bills as they experienced trouble on their offense throughout the game. John Brown and Steffon Diggs was a huge help for Josh Allen in keeping the passing game functional. It was the first game where the Bills have less than 20 first downs as they only had 17, half of which is because of Diggs and Brown.

It was an electrifying game as 6,700 fans who came to witness the game rocked the stadium. The game was supposed to be a showdown between Lamar Jackson and Josh Allen, but instead, the spotlight was on Taron Johnson when he returned a 101-yard interception for a touchdown. It was then the crowd burst into a cheer that shook the stadium.

Unfortunately for the Baltimore Ravens, their Quarterback and reigning MVP was out of the game after suffering a concussion in the third round of the game. Jackson was ruled out for the rest of the fourth quarter.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Buccaneers and Saints match-up was the last duel of the playoffs this year. The Saints dominated the game as Deonte Harris returned to the field after being on the injured reserve due to a neck injury. The returner gave a dynamite performance early on the game, which proved that he had full recovery over the injury that kept him from playing this season.

The Saints were doing well until their defense collapsed because their offense could not sustain drives. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers saw a chance for redemption when Jared Cook lost control over the ball.

The Bucs tied the score to 20-20, scored ten, and ended the game with 30-20 on the scoreboard. It was the third time both teams met on the field where the Saints won their first two meetings.

The Conference Championship will kick off on January 25 with the Packers facing the Buccaneers and the Chiefs with the Bills. You can bet on the NFL betting website for your favorite team to win the championship in either conference.

What happened in the playoffs will create a clearer picture of what will happen at the Super Bowl event. However, there are still so many changes that can happen over the Conference Championship, and more updates will be available after the round.


Bettors can use the given list as a reference in choosing the two teams who will possibly dominate the Conference Round. Odds will once again change as the playoffs ended and we are on our way to the Conference Championship. With the Given information above, you can easily perceive who will dominate the Conference round even before looking at the updated odds board.

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