Top 3 Best Bets You Should Consider During the 2021 NFL Draft

Top 3 Best Bets You Should Consider During the 2021 NFL Draft

The NFL season is so ripe with events that it almost feels like it’s never going to end. Last month, the season kicked things off with the NFL free agency with its drama and hype. Things started to cool off after that, but now, the NFL 2021 draft is around the corner, and things are getting heated up again. Not only are the fans getting excited by it, but also the bettors. 

You see, the NFL draft is also home to a lot of bets, with mostly bettors wagering on what will happen during the draft with FanDuel’s props. This makes the draft more exciting than it already is. Not only that, but prop betting and futures are also being discussed during this time. That said, let’s discuss some of the bets you should check out during this event and how profitable they will be for you in case you want to join in. But first, let’s talk about how the NFL draft will go down first.

So when and where is the NFL draft going to happen?

The NFL draft will be held at the end of April, presumably April 29th, and will end on May 1st on a Saturday. The draft will start at 8 pm EST and will be televised by the NFL Network and ESPN. In terms of location, the draft will be held in many places, mainly in Cleveland and Ohio, but the Draft Theater’s backdrop will be Lake Erie.

The first team who will go at it will be the Jacksonville Jaguars, and a lot of people are expecting them to snatch Trevor Lawrence out of Clemson, making him the first overall pick.

Justin Fields as Third Overall Pick (+105)

The spot for the third overall pick is predicted to be either Mac Jones or Justin Fields. Mac Jones is favored to be picked at no.3 by the 49ers at -170, but there is also value to be had for Justin Fields with +105. Fields is too perfect to be an excellent offensive player. He is like a well-oiled machine with his incredible athleticism and overall performance. 

If Justin Fields were to be picked by the San Francisco 49ers, they would feel his impact immediately than Mac Jones. Even though Mac Jones has excellent value, you’ll see that if you shop around for Justin Fields. To see a full comparison of both players you can check odds by FanDuel and see it for yourself

Quarterback to Be Selected for each of the First 4 Picks (-150)

This is a no-brainer since the NFL draft is always ripe with many quarterbacks with a lot of potential almost every year. This year, there are five potential shot callers, and they predicted to come off the board early with each of the first four picks. That said, it’s an excellent bet to wager that each of the first four picks will all be QBs.

Let’s start with the obvious first pick; Trevor Lawrence. He is a lock at the number 1 draft pick, and bookies making the odds at -10000. And with the Jacksonville Jaguar in desperation to get a good QB, this is already set in stone. BYU’s Zach Wilson is regarded as the second pick  as he is regarded as the second greatest QB in his class and has odds at -5000. 

Not only that, but this is presumably already set in stone since the New York Jets have already secured a spot for him by trading Sam Darnold.

The third pick is quite interesting as there are currently two sides of the coin with Justin Fields and Mac Jones. Mac Jones has odds at -167, and Fields has +175. A QB will still be plausible on the number pick regardless of which team will pick. While the odds that the number 4 QB will warrant a hefty payday, it’s still going to be a payday if you pick yes on this bet.

Asante Samuel Jr. will be Taken in the First Round (-125)

Modern defenses often employ up to 3 or 4 cornerbacks most of the time, and having an elite nickel corner is good to have, like Florida State’s Asante Samuel Jr. With 5’10” and 184 pounds, he has excellent athleticism and is very good at keeping things in front of him. However, Samuel, whose father was a four-time Pro Bowl corner, still needs to do a lot of work to remove his weaknesses like limiting penalties and improving his abilities as a tackler. 

However, he would still be an excellent asset to any team with the proper planning. If the draft is early to get corners out of the board like Patrick Surtain II, Caleb Farley, Jaycee Horn, and Greg Newsome, one could expect that Asante would be taken out before the first round ends.


The NFL draft is right around the corner, and everyone is getting hyped up about it. There are already things that everyone knows will happen, but the anticipation and excitement are still there, and the same can be said about the bettors. There is a lot of value to be had, and the NFL draft is always a good time to be a lot richer, even before the games begin.

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