Welcome to NFLGirlUK.com, bringing you closer to the game you love.

The NFLGirlUK.com website was launched in 2014 by Liz Bhandari, who at the time was still relatively a new fan to American Football.

The site includes everything from news and views, exclusive player interviews, and insight from the UK’s leading experts in the game. It is one of the leading UK blogs covering the sport, and is proud to feature content produced by female writers.

Meet the all-female team

Liz Bhandari, founder and managing editor

Liz is an American Football writer and podcast host. She is the host of the Cleats Off podcast – the show that brings you closer to the game you love, and Superfan Series bringing you in to the world of an NFL super fan. She is also co-host of the End Zone Scoop, a podcast where three girls (two Brits, one American) discuss the beautiful game of American Football. Read more about Liz here.

Clara Lilley, writer

Clara is an avid NFL fan. She has a passion for the off-field stories that inform the plays on the field. She used to host a comedy podcast called ‘Ice Up Sun’ combining her love of the game with astrology. Clara is, in her own words, a ‘long suffering Tennessee Titans fan since 2010’, and hopes this will finally be their year.

Shona Duthie, writer

Shona is an avid sports fan who champions most games around the globe. She started watching the NFL in 2012 when the brother-bowl happened and has never looked back. Shona visited Seattle during the Super Bowl winning year and was hooked to be Green and Blue from that moment on. Shona is also a co-host of the End Zone Scoop podcast and is a regular guest of the Ninety-Nine Yard podcast. Shona hopes for another Seahawks Super Bowl win very soon! 

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