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Liz has 17 years of experience in marketing and brand management and nine years in creating content as an American Football micro-influencer. Looking to raise the profile of your brand in this space? Work with Liz.

From promoting a brand’s content on social media to producing content on its behalf, Liz brings every ounce of passion. She sees this not only as an opportunity to empower fans with knowledge and news on the sport but also as a moment to amplify some of the incredible brands keen to reach a new audience.

Audience Overview and Statistics

Liz’s audience is a mix of both males and females who live in the United Kingdom, with a small number across Europe and the United States of America. Her latest* statistics include the following:

  • Website: 3,204 page views / 1,100 users per month
  • Twitter: 9890 followers
  • Instagram: 2700 followers
  • Facebook: 880 followers

*Updated 31 May 2023.


From working with the league itself to retailers and hospitality operators, brands work with Liz on a variety of projects, including:


  • Bose Europe: A global audio equipment brand with European headquarters in the Netherlands. In 2019, I did a takeover of their Instagram to showcase the NFL fan experience here during the Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Carolina Panthers game at Tottenham.
  • Fanatics International and NFL Shop Europe: The international arm of the world’s largest retailer of licensed sports merchandise, with its European offices in Manchester. I regularly collaborated with the brands on giveaways.
  • New Era Cap Europe: An international lifestyle brand focused on an authentic sports heritage, with its European headquarters in Milton Keynes. I worked with the brand on a giveaway before the SuperBowl.
  • USA Sports: A premier online store for official NFL, NHL, NBA, and MLB merchandise based in Newcastle. I regularly produce articles across the season as well as collaborate on giveaways.


  • Belushi’s Bars: A chain of bars located across Europe.
  • Hard Rock Cafe, Manchester: Rock ’n’ roll-themed restaurant chain with a high-energy vibe serving burgers & American classics. I produced content to showcase their Super Bowl offer.
  • Hickory’s Smokehouse: Restaurant specialising in flavours of the Deep South, with several locations across the UK. Headquartered in Chester. I produce features throughout the season.
  • Papa John’s: Multi-national American pizza takeaway franchise. I supported their 50for50 campaign in the UK, sharing multiple ideas to reach the American Football audience in the UK.
  • Passyunk Avenue: Philadelphia-inspired dive bar based in London serving cheesesteaks, regional dishes, buffalo wings & beers. I regularly worked with the brand on giveaways and promoting their food boxes.
  • Stonegate Pubs: The largest pub company in the UK. I produced content leading up to the season and the London Games to highlight watching the games at their bars.


  • National Football League UK: Based in London, NFLUK manages operations in the UK, overseeing the continued development of professional American football. As well as being a part of the NFL’s ‘Her Huddle’ Instagram Live series alongside Hannah Wilkes and AshandtheNFL, I was also the moderator of their Facebook group for over four years.

How you can work with Liz

Liz can offer numerous ways to partner up and work together. She makes sure that every collaboration and partnership is personal and unique, so it keeps things interesting and true to the voice of her blog.

These collaborations are done in a way that is personal to Liz, as she is extremely passionate about what she does and what she shares. So you can guarantee that the readers would find it engaging and not something different from the usual content they love and has come to know here at NFLGirlUK.

Liz has spent years building up her blog from a place of pure enjoyment and love and is happy to have built a community to share this. Some of the ways you can work with Liz include:

  • Modelling products
  • Sponsored blog posts
  • Sidebar banners
  • Social media exposure
  • Writing content for your blog
  • Ambassador of your brand
  • Giveaways and contests
  • Sponsored packages, and more…

Are you ready to reach a new audience?

To find out more about how you and your brand could work with Liz at her marketing agency Brandari, book a discovery call for a time that suits you.

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