Football 101

Football 101

Knowledge is power, at NFLGirlUK we are all about empowering fans. So, we created Football 101 as a guide those new to American Football, on the basics of the game.

Here we share a glossary of the key words used in the sport, basic team formations, and guides to the on screen graphics, the instant replay process, and the officials’ responsibilities.

A rookie’s guide to American Football

American football is a game played on a 100 yard field by two teams of 11 players. In the NFL squads of 53 players, they make up each side’s offensive, defensive, and special teams units, and take turns on the field. 

The aim of the game is move the ball in to the opponent’s end zone to score a touchdown worth 6 points, and earn an extra point (7 points total). 

This is achieved by moving the ball down the field in a series of plays, called ‘downs’. They can do this by passing the ball through the air from quarterback to the receiver, by a running back rushing the ball from the ground. 

The offence must move the ball 10 yards downfield every four plays in order to keep possession of the ball and earn another four downs to drive towards the opponent’s end zone. 

If the defence prevent making that 10 yards, the team with the ball must punt possession or if close enough, attempt a field goal between the posts to earn 3 points. 

After four quarter of play each lasting 15 minutes on the clock, the team with the most points win. 

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