Highlights – Detroit Lions at Atlanta Falcons, London

Highlights – Detroit Lions at Atlanta Falcons, London

WembleyWalkAfter the build up of the NFL Fan Rally, I couldn’t wait to see my first game – Detroit Lions at Atlanta Falcons, here in the UK at Wembley Stadium in London.

Walking right out of Wembley tube station and you’re met with large banners promoting the game, and it’s biggest players and before you know it, you’re in the fan plaza where there is a huge NFL store, food stalls and not forgetting, the guys at Sunday Brunch.

Looking around and you’re surrounded by a sea of people wearing jerseys from every team – fans from all over the UK as well as people who had travelled from Europe and even America. Even with hours to spare prior to kick off, there was plenty going on around the stadium to keep you entertained. Even once you get in to the stadium, there is so much to stop you from getting bored.

Now, I imagine this type of hype and build up happens at every NFL game but we don’t get this when it comes to football or rugby. A prime example being for Samuel L Jackson to suddenly appear on the screens telling you to “Rise Up”, now that was something (See the video here). Plus the atmosphere when both teams came out was incredible – in fact, you can see some videos I uploaded of both teams on my YouTube Channel.

The game itself was brilliant! Falcons took an early lead and were clearly dominating the game throughout the first half and it was hard to understand what was going on for the Lions. They just couldn’t seem to get it together – as though the atmosphere (heavily Falcons) was proving too much. However, the Lions got it together and came back – full on, edge-of-seat, with a last second field goal to win the game 22-21.

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  1. Excellent review and photos. We must have been sat very near each other, the view looks very similar. You may have seen me, I was the Lion fan going crazy at the end of the game 😀

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