The end of an era: Marshawn Lynch

The end of an era: Marshawn Lynch

marshawn-lynch-tweetIt was only seven weeks ago but I think it’s a moment many of us will never forget. In the quiet moments of Super Bowl 50 a tweet by Marshawn Lynch popped up on our timelines with the peace sign emoji and a photo of his cleats hanging from a telephone line, announcing his retirement.

It’s something we knew was a possibility but certainly an option I didn’t see happening just yet. The guy didn’t earn the title ‘Beast Mode’ for no reason and I believe it’s still there in him ready to be unleashed, he absolutely could have gone on to play a couple more seasons elsewhere with another team.

Perhaps I am biased as a Seahawks fan for feeling this way but without a doubt he is a talent that will be hugely missed. Whether it was retiring early or not I’m not so sure as it is something he has seemingly toyed with for the past two years, but I don’t think the way he felt at the organisation was the same since the Super Bowl final against New England Patriots where they didn’t give him the ball. Maybe that’s just me but I felt it all changed for him in that moment.

One thing we know isn’t a concern for him – money. Why? Well, because it is reported he hasn’t spent a penny of his playing money and until his retirement had earned close to $50 million on the field and around $5m in endorsements.

Now I’ve only followed the game since 2012 so I was late to the party on discovering such an incredible player but it was clear to see how the 2015 wasn’t the same due to injury, playing in only seven games, rushing for 417 yards and three touchdowns.

He just wanted to play the game, he didn’t care for the media albeit being part of his role and from that we got to enjoy moments like “I’m just here so I won’t get fined” and seeing him jump in to an end zone of Skittles, or the throwback to when he rode around on the field during his days at Cal. There are so many things about him that I’ll always remember, that will make me laugh and smile and moments where you just sit there in awe at how incredible he was on the field.

As said in a tribute by fellow team mate, Russell Wilson,  Marshawn was “one of the best running backs of all time”. It’s a shame he decided to hang up those boots early but at least I have these moments to enjoy and laugh to, to watch in awe.

We’re going to miss you Beast Mode.

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