This is the cap of the NFL Draft

This is the cap of the NFL Draft

SeahawksHatWith less than a month until the NFL Draft commences on 28 April, the official NFL Draft Day hats have been released by the New Era team and this year they’ve continued the funky styles and created yet another incredible collection.

Standard embroidery has been replaced by their innovative fused metallic applique, bringing every team logo to life in a way never before seen. The vibrant colours and accents explode off the cap, celebrating each player’s life changing experience of putting on their official New Era On-Stage 59FIFTY.

All 32 NFL teams have their own hat. The collection is available to pre-order for delivery from 15 April at NFL Shop Europe. There are two style hats available, the flat 59Fifty or the baseball cap 39Thirty. In the 59Fifty style, sizes available are 7-1/4in, 7-1/8in, 7-3/8in and are £30.00 each. In the 39Thirty style, sizes available are S/M or M/L and are £25.00 each.

I think it’s a shame only ten teams are available 39Thirty collection I feel I suit this style hat better luckily for me, they have Seahawks available in both. As for why there is only 10 different teams available I do not know but I assume the online store have taken in to account that it’s the least popular style, it’s often the hat that females like myself would opt for and also that they’ve accounted for the most popular teams.

Personally, I can’t wait for the collection to come out as I think they all look great and like the beanie was the hat to have in winter, I think this will be the hat everyone will be wearing this summer and for those early International Series games.

Roll on April 15!


Pre-order your NFL draft day hat featuring the official NFL draft 2016 style by New Era from the NFL Europe Shop now.



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