Join us at the first #NFLUKFanMeetUp social event of 2017 (24 June 2017)

Join us at the first #NFLUKFanMeetUp social event of 2017 (24 June 2017)

Come along to our meet up in Manchester city centre on Saturday 24 June 2017 where you’ll get to know other NFL fans from around the UK. This is the first social event of 2017 and hopes to be a fun, casual and relaxed event.

We’ll get together at 2pm for drinks at Junk Yard Golf situated in Piccadilly Place, right across from Manchester Piccadilly Train Station. This is an opportunity for people to relax and to get to know one another over a drink before we’re split in to groups of six to play ball. Don’t worry though, we’ll be right behind one another.

We’ll then take an excursion into the unknown as we navigate 9 holes of polluted paradise on the course Pablo. A once tranquil wild world, now sullied by creeping humanisation. Putt your way through the litter strewn jungle, around toxic tree frogs, past a deep cave bear wrestling cage and a Rihanna-themed forest bathroom, until you reach the oil-soaked ocean and Rio-On-Sea.

After we’ve all enjoyed a round of golf, we’ll take a 10-15 minute walk to Manchester’s Northern Quarter where we’ll find a bar to carry on conversation over a drink or two.

Before we know it, our stomachs will be rumbling so we’ve booked tables at Yard & Coop ‘The Home of Buttermilk Fried Chicken’. ‘The Home of Buttermilk Fried Chicken’, where we’ll have our own area and food served family style. Everyone will get one buttermilk fried chicken breast and two wings (flavour of your choice) with plenty of fries, sweet potato fries, slaw, salad, gravy, curry, onion rings and avocado/bean salad to go around. Don’t worry if you’re vegetarian as all of their chicken meals can be replaced with a halloumi alternative (which by the way, is incredible!).

We expect to be finished by 8pm and people can choose to stay out and play, or of course, catch the train home. We’re hoping with these times that fans from all over the UK are able to attend and get home in decent time. Anyone wishing to stay over and make a weekend of it, there are six Premier Inn Hotels and a couple are showing at around £80 per night for a double!

Up for it? Awesome!

Places are limited and tickets are £27 each (excluding fees of £2.27 set by Eventbrite). This covers the cost of your golf at Junk Yard Golf, and food from a set menu at Yard & Coop. All drinks are to be self-funded.

Tickets are non-refundable, but can be transferred if you’d like to send a friend in your place. Note: Under 18’s are not permitted.

Date and timings:
Saturday 24 June 2017, 2pm until 8pm.

To buy your ticket, click here!

Photo copyright: JunkYardGolf and Yard & Coop.

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