A scouting guide to the 2017 NFL Draft

A scouting guide to the 2017 NFL Draft

In it’s four year, 40 Yards Scouting have released their latest scouting guide to the 2017 NFL Draft which is now available to purchase at just £5, with all proceeds going to the wonderful Muscular Dystrophy Campaign.

Inside this year’s edition, they bring you a guest foreword by America’s All-22 senior analyst Ollie Connolly and a look behind the 2017 NFL draft curtain in our exclusive interview with New Mexico safety Lee Crosby.

Since 2012, 40 Yards Scouting individually scout every draft-eligible 2017 NFL Draft prospect across our 200+ pages, including full career statistics on each, offseason/All-Star practice performances and NFL Combine achievements. They take an in-depth look back at what was a hugely eventful, dramatic and exciting season in college football and digest both the FBS and FCS playoffs as well as bowl season this past January. You’ll also get the inside track on the rookie sleepers to pursue ahead of the forthcoming NFL campaign to give you the edge over your fantasy competition.

40 Yards Scouting (UK) was founded 2012 as a not for profit service, going on to publish four scouting guides to the NFL Draft of which all proceeds are donated to charity. Their goal also is to make college football easier to access for gridiron fans internationally and promote this wonderful amateur sport. Since 2015, 40 Yards Scouting have published our free weekly ‘Inside College Football’ Magazine for our subscribers.

For more information or to get your hands on the scouting guide, visit www.ukdraftguide.com!

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