Colossus Bets Week 9 Picks by NFLGirlUK

Colossus Bets Week 9 Picks by NFLGirlUK

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Atlanta Falcons at Carolina Panthers

This week it’s the 4-3 Falcons at the 5-3 Panthers in what is set to be a big NFC south game. It’s the third straight road game for the Falcons so you’d think this would give the edge to the Panthers, however they seem to be having trouble scoring so Falcons will get the victory.

Falcons: 1-6, 7-12.

Denver Broncos at Philadelphia Eagles

The 7-1 Eagles are on a roll right now and this will be difficult for the 3-4 Broncos to overcome, especially as they are having issues at offense, and their quarterback. Eagles will storm this game.

Eagles: 1-6, 7-12.

Los Angeles Rams at New York Giants

Both the 5-2 Rams and the 1-6 Giants have just come off Bye weeks so have had the opportunity to rest and prepare for the game. It’s a long trip for the Rams but this hasn’t been an issue for them so far. The Rams Defense has made great progress so far this season and it’s known that the Giants are struggling at Offense – because of this, the Rams will take the win but it will be a close game that could ultimately go either way.

Giants: 1-6, Rams: 1-6, 7-12.

Cincinnati Bengals at Jacksonville Jaguars

The 4-3 Jacksonville Jaguars have just come off a bye-week, allowing the team to get it’s health back. Right now, both the Jaguars and the 3-4 Bengals have a great Defense and are looking strong but the Jaguars will take the win in this game.

Jaguars: 1-6, 7-12.

Washington Redskins at Seattle Seahawks

This week the 3-4 Washington Redskins are travelling to Seattle to face the 5-2 Seahawks. At the moment, Washington have injuries across their offensive line and they really struggled against the Cowboys in their last game, whereas the Seahawks have just come off an impressive win. The Redskins have a small chance but overall I’m confident the Seahawks will storm this.

Redskins: 1-6. Seahawks: 1-6, 7-12.

Kansas City Chiefs at Dallas Cowboys

The 4-3 Dallas Cowboys are looking and feeling good right now having got their team right and having won two games in a row. Even with Ezekiel Elliott out for the next few games, I don’t think will have too much of an affect when the Cowboys face the 6-2 Chiefs this week. Cowboys to make it a third win in a row on this one.

Cowboys: 7-12, 13-18

Oakland Raiders at Miami Dolphins

The 3-5 Raiders haven’t dominated in the way many speculated that would at the start of the season, but the 4-3 Dolphins aren’t looking too great either as they really struggled in their game against the Ravens. The game could go either way on the day but I’m confident the Dolphins will take this but not by much.

Dolphins: 1-6

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