NFLGirlUK Week 11 Preview for Colossus Bets

NFLGirlUK Week 11 Preview for Colossus Bets

Arizona Cardinals at Houston Texans

Both the Cardinals and Texans are suffering with injuries right now and both teams are depleted. However, the Cardinals have Blaine Gabbert in at quarterback which will help their situation. The Cardinals will go on to get the road victory.

Picks: Cardinals 1-6, 7-12.

Baltimore Ravens at Green Bay Packers

Green Bay is another team struck with injuries, albeit they did look better last week in their win against the Bears. The Ravens have just come off a bye week so will be feeling rested, giving them the advantage. Expectation of a close game with the Ravens edging it out in the last 15 minutes.

Picks: Ravens 1-6, 7-12.

Detroit Lions at Chicago Bears

Week 10, the Lions played the Browns in a game most assumed  to be an easy win. It wasn’t and despite the fact they didn’t play that well, they still found a way to get the win. Lions are still a contender for a late push to the playoffs.  The Bears have a decent defense right now.  Another close game but Matt Stafford will lead Detroit to victory.

Picks: Lions 1-6, 7-12.

LA Rams at Minnesota Vikings

This should be a great game to watch! Both teams are 7-2. The Rams offense is killing it right now.  The Vikings defense is to thank for Minnesota’s victories. I genuinely believe this game will come down to which is better on the day, LA’s defense or Minnesota’s offense? I’ve covered both sides of the margin with an extra pick with the lean to the Vikings offense and Case Keenum.

Picks: Rams 1-6, Vikings 1-6, 7-12

Cincinnati Bengals at Denver Broncos

At the start of the season I would have been really excited for this game. But both teams have been pretty disappointing. The Bengals have it tough right now and are playing a third consecutive road game. Broncos lost to the Patriots last week which was tough loss but they’ll bounce back possibly by 14 pts.

Picks: Broncos 1-6, 7-12 and 13-18

New England Patriots at Oakland Raiders

This weekend both teams head to Mexico City as part of NFL’s International Series. The Raiders are coming off a bye so will be nicely rested but it’s safe to say their defense has a challenge in slowing Tom Brady and the Patriots offense down. The Patriots are on a roll right now and will continue that stride.

Picks: Patriots 1-6, 7-12 and 13-18

Philadelphia Eagles at Dallas Cowboys

Cowboys are without Elliott and they really suffered in their loss against the Falcons last week, not to mention the injury that took their left tackle Tyron Smith out. The Eagles are looking incredible at 8-1,  And though this game may be a challenge, their winning streak is set to continue and firm their place as division champions.

Picks: Eagles 1-6.

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