NFLGirlUK’s Week 14 Preview for Colossus Bets

NFLGirlUK’s Week 14 Preview for Colossus Bets

Oakland Raiders @ Kansas City Chiefs

Picks: Raiders 1-6, 7-12, 13-18.

The Chiefs have it hard right now having lost four straight games owing to the fact that their defense is falling apart. Saying that, The Raiders offense hasn’t been particularly impressive either however with Derek Carr leading the team I can see them having one hell of a road game. Raiders should win this and to rub it in further they could leapfrog Kansas and go top of the AFC West with the victory.


Minnesota Vikings @ Carolina Panthers

Picks: Panthers 1-6, 7-12, 13-18.

Vikings have won their last four on the trot but are playing back to back road games which by this point will be taking its toll. The Panthers have won three of their last four games, but lost out to the impressive Saints last week. This is the game where Panthers get back to winning ways with Cam Newton paving the way.


Green Bay Packers @ Cleveland Browns

Picks: Packers 1-6, 7-12.

Aaron Rodgers was activated off injury reserve on Saturday and this week started his ‘trial practice week’ which means he won’t be back for a while yet and likely still not for the remainder of the season. They really need Brett Hundley to up his passing game if they want the win, as he just got by in the game against Bucs last week. You could say this is the week Browns are stilling looking to get off the mark with their first win of the season but they won’t get it on Sunday. Packers will take the victory.


Tennessee Titans @ Arizona Cardinals

Picks: Cardinals 1-6, 7-12, 13-18

The Tennessee Titans have been fairly unimpressive yet continue to manage to the win games. The Cardinals really struggled in their game against the LA Rams on Sunday but this is the game where they’ll get back to it, and it’s their defense that will make the difference. Cardinals to take the win.


Philadelphia Eagles @ Los Angeles Rams

Picks: Rams, 1-6, 7-12.

Last week, the Eagles were knocked off their winning ways by the Seattle Seahawks and this will have knocked their confidence. The Rams have had an impressive season in how the team has improved from the prior year and in this game, the Rams defense will dominate, slowing down Carson Wentz allowing Jared Goff to take advantage. Rams to take the win.


Seattle Seahawks @ Jacksonville Jaguars

Picks: Jaguars, 1-6, 7-12.

Many are calling this game ‘Jaguars Defense vs Russell Wilson’ and there’s no doubt about it, this will be the focus of the game but it’s the Seahawks Defense vs Jaguars Offense that will ultimately decide the game. Bortles played great against the Indianapolis Colts last week and that confidence will carry over into the Seahawks game too – plus they have the homefield advantage. Jaguars to take the victory.


Baltimore Ravens @ Pittsburgh Steelers

Pick: Steelers, 1-6.

It’s been a short week for Steelers, given they only played on Monday night against the Cincinnati Bengals – a game they just scraped by in. The Ravens looked good in their game against the Texans last week so they’ll be ready to go in this game too. It’ll be a tough game for both sides but the Steelers will pull it out of the bag in the closing stages to steal the win.


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