Raiders v Seahawks tickets already for sale on sell on sites – when will it be time to block these?

Raiders v Seahawks tickets already for sale on sell on sites – when will it be time to block these?

Tickets being posted on sell-on sites isn’t a new thing but in an interesting and implausible turn of events tickets for the Oakland Raiders versus the Seattle Seahawks are already on sale on

With the most expensive coming in at £1525 and the cheapest at £196 – the question remains how do these people know if they will even be able to buy a ticket for this highly anticipated game.

Unfortunately, this venture of pricing out families and friends from attending sporting events at the weekend with one another is not just limited to this one game.

Fans are regularly left behind for boxing matches, football and golf.

But let’s look at the logistics.

First of all, the seating plan for Tottenham Hotspurs new 61,000 stadium has yet to be finalised – they literally do not have any seats in place but tickets are being sold for £1500!

NFL UK will not release them until April this year with season ticket holders getting access to a priority pre-sale window.

Fans are already disheartened at the news in what could be the biggest game to come over here is being played at Spurs’ ground instead of at Wembley where 90,000 tickets are available.

Season ticket fans were also disappointed after finding out the tickets will be sold on “a first come, first served basis and you will have access to the equivalent number of tickets as you have purchased at Wembley – up to a maximum of four”.

The pair will face one another on October 14 with a 6pm kick-off., a ticketmaster company, had season tickets on re-sale almost immediately after the tickets went on general sale.

In the club Wembley section, priced at £199 per ticket, on the sell-on site someone has two available in section 208 for astonishing £467.45 per ticket.

And if you missed out on the Premium Club package you can buy a ticket now but it could set you back £968 for one.

Now let’s consider how this could make some feel seeing these for sale on sell-on sites.

It could leave many feeling frustrated that once again a sporting event seems to be just given to the financial elite and those who wish to cash in on fans desperate to see the fight live.

It appears the pricing out of fans as well as them being taking for granted will not subsidise anytime soon unless these sites are blocked entirely from existence.

For more information about the NFL London games visit NFL UK’s website here.

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