Colossus Bets syndicate for NFL week 15

Colossus Bets syndicate for NFL week 15

Here’s the preview of my Colossus Bets syndicate for NFL week 15 and we’re in it to win £61,770. To be part of our Syndicate, you can get involved here.

GB Packers (1-6) @ CHI Bears (7-12)

Can the Packers keep their slim hopes alive? They have to beat the Bears and win out with other results going their way.There’s a good feeling post McCarthy but they’re up against the best defense inthe league flying high after Chicago shut down the Rams. The best hope thePackers have is that Trubisky struggles again and keeps the game close to theend. Could go either way if that happens.

DAL Cowboys @ IND Colts (1-6, 7-12)

The Cowboys look like they have the NFC East sewn up but now face a Colts team that has to win as they battle the Texans for the division and other AFC teams for the wildcard. The Cowboys defensive line might make life tough for Luck but edge this game to the home team.

MIA Dolphins @ MIN Vikings (7-12, 13-18)

 The Vikings are in must win mode and while theDolphins also need to win to keep up in the wildcard race, the pressure is allon Minnesota and Kirk Cousins. They fired their offensive coordinator becausehe wasn’t providing the run/pass balance Mike Zimmer demanded, expect Minnesota to have a better game at home here. The Dolphins have a chance if Tannehill canstay healthy but the Vikings defense might be the difference here.

TEN Titans (7-12) @ NY Giants (7-12)

This one could go either way. The Giants areplaying much better in the second half of the season and are explosive without OBJ who may return. The Titans are a very up and down team this year coming offa win over Jacksonville and a ten day break. It could go either way here,probably by a touchdown.

NE Patriots (1-6, 7-12) @ PIT Steelers (1-6)

A game that seems to take place every year, the Patriots have the Steelers number, especially the NE offense against the PIT defense. The Steelers defense has struggled again recently, especially in the linebacker corps and secondary. Expect Gronk to have a big game here. NE hurt by the Miami Miracle can keep up the pressure on retaining the number one AFC seed. The Steelers might not be playing well enough to make the playoffs, give the edge here to the Pats.

PHI Eagles @ LA Rams (7-12, 13-18)

Even more of an uphill battle now Wentz is out of this game, it only looks like one winner here in LA are the Rams look to kickstart their offense after the shutdown against the Bears. The Eagles haven’t been the same on defense this year and with Foles starting are unlikely to be protected much by their offense in time of possession. Gurley could have a big game here. Almost tempting to back the over 20+ for the Rams.

NO Saints (1-6, 7-12) @ CAR Panthers

Panthers Five weeks ago these Saints Panthers games at the end of the season looked like must watch events. Since then Carolina have gone into a big slide. Newton appears to be carrying a shoulder injury and the defense is a shadow of what it once was. There are calls for Rivera to go at the end of the year and the Saints won’t show any mercy here. The race for the number one seed is still on and New Orleans are desperate for it. Saints will win this.

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Join my Colossus Bets syndicate for NFL week 15, now. Good luck!

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Colossus Bets have modernised the traditional form of pool betting. Colossus offer guaranteed jackpot prizes, consolations and cash out offers allowing players to sell all or part of their tickets as the pool progresses.

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