Colossus Bets syndicate for the NFL Divisional Round weekend

Colossus Bets syndicate for the NFL Divisional Round weekend

Here’s the preview of my Colossus Bets syndicate for the NFL Divisional Round weekend. Well, we’re in it to win £10,000 and if you want to be part of our Syndicate, you can get involved here.

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IND Colts (1-6) @ KC Chiefs (7-12, 13-18)

While defense dominated most of the Wild Card round, the Divisional Weekend kicks off with what’s likely to be a high scoring shootout, if the Colts can keep up. Indy’s defense looked stellar last weekend but it hasn’t faced an offense like KC and Mahomes has dominated teams that run a majority of Zone coverage with a 14-0 TD to interception ratio. So the question becomes, can the Colts keep up? The offense looked great last week in the first half before slowing in the second and they face the worst defense in the playoffs with the Chiefs ranked 26th in DVOA. So expect a high scoring affair with the Chiefs hoping for turnovers and home advantages with the bye to swing it their way. Likely to be a Chiefs victory give the Colts a slight hope if it’s close deep into the fourth.

DAL Cowboys (1-6, 7-12) @ LA Rams (7-12, 13-18)

Really tough game to call because of LA’s dip towards the back end of the season. The wheels started coming off the Rams offense when they faced the defensive power of the Bears and Eagles and now Dallas brings in another defense who can spoil things. Are the Rams over their issues? McVay turned towards the run game to get them through it but that is one of Cowboys strengths defending it. On the other side the LA defense hasn’t been as good as most expected this year outside of Aaron Donald but the Cowboys are built to stack up points. If they win they do it on the back of Zeke Elliott. Prescott still doesn’t show enough consistency to be able to keep up with the Rams if the game turns into a shootout or they get behind early. This really could go either way, bet Cowboys to win it close or the Rams offense to click and win it more comfortably.

LA Chargers @ NE Patriots (1-6, 7-12)

Philip Rivers has never beaten a Brady led Patriots team in 7 tries. There’s a lot of momentum behind this team after their dismantling, despite the late rally, of the Ravens last week. The one concern is that the Chargers offense has not been firing over the last four games. The defense stepped up brilliantly with their 7 DB strategy but can they be effective again this week in the yard of the most winningest QB and head coach in the postseason ever? The Patriots haven’t had the most impressive of regular seasons by their high standards but Gillette is still a fortress for them, they’ve had a bye week to rest and scheme and they still have one of the most flexible offensive attacks. Their defense plays better at home too and with the Chargers struggling to get points regularly at the moment this looks like it could be a solid win for the Patriots.

PHI Eagles (1-6) @ NO Saints (7-12, 13-18)

This was a blowout early in the season in the favour of the Saints when their offense was sweeping everyone before them and the defense looked like it would be a great compliment. Things have regressed a bit more towards the mean for New Orleans since whilst the Eagles are the NFL hot hand behind Foles and a vastly improved defense. New Orleans are unbeaten at home in the playoffs in the Payton-Brees era so it’ll take something special for Philly to get the upset here. It’s likely to be good win for the Saints but you have to give the Eagles chance as the in form team who have the underdog tag chip on their shoulder again and could be a nasty team to face.

Join my Colossus Bets syndicate for the NFL Divisional Round weekend, now. Good luck!

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