NFL UK Fan Meet Up London – Houston Texans v Jacksonville Jaguars (2 November 2019)

NFL UK Fan Meet Up London – Houston Texans v Jacksonville Jaguars (2 November 2019)

Join NFLGirlUK for a night of social darts in London on Saturday 2 November to celebrate the upcoming game between Houston Texans and Jacksonville Jaguars. 

The NFL UK Fan Meet Up sponsored by Colossus will take place at Flight Club in Bloomsbury, London from 7pm until 10pm where we are taking over a double oche for an evening filled with social darts. 

What to expect on the night?

On arrival to the venue, head over to the Check-In desk who will then point you in our direction. Simply though, look out for the group of people in NFL jerseys! 

Once you’ve checked in, grab yourself a drink, and then at 7:30pm we’ll make our way to the Oche. We’ll each enter our name in to their system, where it’ll take your photo. 

Once everyone is in the system it’s time to play social darts – there are 5 amazing games to make your way through – my favourite is Killer Darts, you’ll see why!

We have the Oche for two hours, and then after which we’ll head back in to the main bar for more drinks if you wish to stick around. 

About Flight Club and the concept of social darts

Flight Club have reinvented darts for the twenty first century, with fast-paced multiplayer games, ground breaking dart-tracking technology, instant scoring and a slick and intuitive user interface. And with multiple throw lines to level the playing field, even a complete beginner can win on the day. 

Social Darts is played in an area called an ‘oche’ (it rhymes with hockey). That’s the space from the throw line to the dartboard, as well as our own seating area. 

Once you’re there, you’ll find a range of features specially crafted to make your time at Flight Club awesome. The venue is in Bloomsbury, is easy to find, and is just a 5 min walk from Tottenham Court Road, 5 min walk from Holborn and 8 min walk from Covent Garden.

Up for it? Awesome!

Ticket price is £10 per person (excluding Eventbrite fees) which is for your participation in the social darts plus a free drink. Please note, our event is limited to 40 people in total, with up to 20 players on per oche, and 12 people playing at any one time.

Note: Please let us know if you have any access requirements so we can accommodate your needs. Under 18’s are not permitted (Anyone who purchases a ticket despite this will be denied access)

Introducing our headline sponsor – Colossus

We are excited to announce Colossus as our headline sponsor of our event. 

Colossus is a pool betting product that offers the world’s biggest sports jackpots. With an array of great features including Syndicates, Cash Out and Consolation Prizes, they are moderning pool betting in a way never seen before. 

Each week throughout the NFL season they offer NFL Point Margin pools, including a weekly Pick 7 pool with a £100k+ jackpot. For more information visit

Reserve your spot here:

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