NFL team the Jacksonville Jaguars extend UK university grant application

NFL team the Jacksonville Jaguars extend UK university grant application

The 2020 Gridiron Grant application has been extended by NFL team the Jacksonville Jaguars in partnership with wealth management firm LGT Vestra US, giving more young deserving people an opportunity to win a full scholarship to a UK university of their choice.

The third annual Gridiron Grant

The grant was created to provide development pathways for underprivileged students in the UK American Football community, has been extended as a result of the ongoing COVID-19 situation, which is affecting young people’s studies across the country.

Following recent school closures, students interested in the opportunity now have until 27th May 2020 to apply to the grant, through the Jaguars website.

“The Gridiron Grant is our way of giving back to the ever-growing NFL and Jaguars community in the UK. Amid the recent school closures and uncertain future, we didn’t want anyone to miss out on such a fantastic opportunity and had no hesitation in extending the deadline. After awarding four phenomenal young people in the last two years, we want to find two more deserving winners and give them an opportunity they would normally have, through our fantastic partner, LGT Vestra US. This grant can change lives and we urge anyone involved in our community with a compelling story to apply.

Hussain Naqi, Senior Vice President, International Development for the Jacksonville Jaguars

“We will do everything we can to announce the 2020 Gridiron Grant winners following the completion of the academic year and are committed to helping young people through the tough times ahead.”

Paul Nixon, CEO of LGT Vestra US, the official UK Founding Partner of Jacksonville Jaguars

How it’s decided and what happens next

A panel of experts including, LGT Vestra US executives and Jaguars representatives will select the recipients based on a range of criteria such as academic achievement, participation in American football, commitment to the community and a demonstration of personal endeavour.

Once at university, the new winners will be provided with a fully integrated mentoring process to aid with stress and time management to help them graduate, including advice and support from last year’s winners.

The Jaguars and LGT Vestra US are committed to continuing to collaborate on community projects as a key pillar of their partnership, to generate a positive impact on the community in the UK through a range of American football-related activities, fostering further growth of the game at a grassroots level and importantly providing opportunities for young people to progress.

The Jacksonville Jaguars themselves recently announced their ongoing commitment to the UK by revealing that they will play two of their home games at Wembley Stadium in 2020, making them the first team in NFL history to play two home games outside of the United States.

How to enter

To be eligible for the grant, applicants must have participated in the Jacksonville Jaguars’ JagTag programme or played American Football in the UK.

To find out more about the LGT Vestra US Gridiron Grant, visit

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