Celebrating NFL fans: Meet Duncan Terry

Celebrating NFL fans: Meet Duncan Terry

I’d like to introduce you to Duncan Terry, editor and podcaster for Ninety-Nine Yards. Duncan is a Seattle Seahawks fan and shares with us how he got in to the NFL, how he made the choice of his team as well as more about his overall experience as a fan.

Why did you get first start following the sport or what was your first memory?

I started following the NFL in the 2006 season, it was the Giants/Dolphins game at Wembley that did it, there was nothing else on and a friend of mine was always saying I’d like it. I quickly found it was the perfect length of game to accompany a Football Manager session!

The team you support did you start supporting them because of family or friends or did you make own decision – reason behind that

I decided to follow the Seattle Seahawks because I wanted to stick to the same city as I had when watching basketball as a kid. Shawn Kemp of the  Seattle Supersonics is the reason I have to travel to the west coast for a home game! The man as a human highlight reel.

Favourite NFL memory?

Gotta be the Super Bowl win, its tempting to go for great plays like ‘the tip’, or even the Saint’s onside kick, but supporting the teams I do I don’t get many trophies to celebrate, the moment that Harvin went in from the second half kick off, I knew that was it.

What is it you like most from the international series? Or do you prefer seeing games in the states?

I have some sympathy with the US fans during the international series, they support their team with such passion and then we go an take 1/8th of their home games away from them. But I feel lucky to have it, all the build up, being able to meet players at practice, the atmosphere and events in London pubs all weekend, and then the event itself, wouldn’t trade it.

Favourite memory of meeting up with other NFL fans in UK or in the US or even elsewhere?

I’m going to go for the Tailgate at the Rose Bowl, it was thanksgiving day, UCLA were playing Stanford. It was my first experience of a proper tailgate. Everyone was friendly, they were cooking whole turkeys in deep fat fryers, one guy had a wide screen tv, satellite dish and generator in the back of his truck to watch the pre game, and others were playing beer pong. great fun.

What player would you like to see the most play for your team?

I was saddened to miss most of the Walter Jones era, catching up I realised he really was one of the best to ever do it. Current players, probably Larry Fitzgerald, I hope he never retires! And Earl Thomas, it really was a sh1tshow the way that all ended up.

Favourite fanbase outside of your own franchise?

Don’t know about favourite fanbase, the UK fans maybe? I have a soft spot for a few other teams though, The Saints since the Super Bowl onside kick i mentioned earlier, and the Ravens have never been boring.

…Just for a little fun, we are going to play NFL tinder if you will, what other team would you swipe right for? And which would you swipe left?

Well the Ravens and Saints, but the other way, obviously the Pats, for breaking me in 2014, The Rams for always beating the Seahawks, even in their down years, and any Eagles fans who get into rioting when their team does well, bonkers.

It was great to hear from Duncan, so be sure to check him out on Twitter too. You can read more like this on the Fan Series section of the blog.

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