Celebrating NFL fans in the UK: Phil Kirkpatrick

Celebrating NFL fans in the UK: Phil Kirkpatrick

I’d like to introduce you to Phil Kirkpatrick, a New York Giants fan. Phil shares with us how he got in to the NFL, how he made the choice of his team as well as more about his overall experience as a fan.

What got you in to American Football, and what’s your earliest memory of the sport?

So I watched my first Super Bowl game in 2005 and I watched the Patriots beat the Eagles in Super Bowl XXXIX. It was a great first Super Bowl to watch. From then on I was a casual NFL fan just watching the Super Bowls each year.

The team you support, was that encouraged by friends/family, or was that your own decision?

After a trip to New York in 2013 I fell in love with the city, decided to flip a coin to see which New York franchise to follow the Jets or Giants? Giants won.

What is your favourite NFL memory so far?

So it hasn’t been a great 7 years as a Giants fan, but “That Catch by Odell Beckham Jr vs the Dallas Cowboys had me off my feet and mesmerised to how he pulled it off.

What do you enjoy the most about the NFL International Series? Or do you prefer watching games in the States?

So I’ve only ever so far been able to go to two of the games in the international series due to work commitments. My first game was the Bill’s v Jaguars in 2015 where the Bills came from behind with 28 unanswered points to lead with two minutes remaining. 

A trip to see an NFL game in the states is something I’d love to do, hopefully its like my trip to watch som college football watching LSU in Baton Rouge and tailgating is such a fun experience. 

What is your favourite memory from meeting up with other NFL fans?

Each super bowl I love going to watch the game with my cousin and his friends in Chester. 

What player would you like to see the most play for your team?

Great question, I’d love to see Nick Bosa join the Gmen, absolute beast of a defensive end. 

Outside of your own franchise, who is your favourite fanbase?

Has to be the Buffalo Bill’s mafia, their tailgating antics and fans in general are a crazy breed and very passionate.

And just for fun, let’s play NFL Tinder. Which team would you swipe right for? And which team gets a left swipe?

So Id swipe right on the Chiefs as I love Patrick Mahomes and Andy Reid. Reid now being one if the best coach characters in the leagues history. I’d swipe left on Dallas, just because they’re Dallas and no one likes Jerry Jones…

It was great to hear from Phil, so be sure to check him out on Twitter too. You can read more like this on the Fan Series section of the blog.

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