Coach Quincy Avery, President of Quarterback Takeover

Coach Quincy Avery, President of Quarterback Takeover

In this episode of Cleats Off, Liz Bhandari speaks to the legendary quarterback trainer Quincy Avery.

Coach Avery is the guru behind QB Takeover, America’s elite quarterback training program, which is designed to give young athletes the mental toughness needed to lead a team, the skills necessary to execute and the mindset to make the right calls when the game is on the line.

Liz and Quincy discuss…

  • His journey to this moment, the hurdles faced and how he kept on track to his dream.
  • Setting the course for some of the game’s best quarterbacks, and the qualities needed for success.
  • Being not just a coach but a big brother, and the journeys this has led him on.

Follow Quincy on Instagram and Twitter, and of course, you can learn more about his work at

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