Syndicate to crowdfund Passyunk Avenue’s new venue at Leake Street

Syndicate to crowdfund Passyunk Avenue’s new venue at Leake Street

Our good friends over at Passyunk Avenue are looking to raise £150,000 through crowdfunding to help with opening their new bar on Leake Street in London. So, I want to play a small part and I’ve got two events in mind that I’ll be hosting during the London games.

Party like it’s Super Bowl 52 – Leake Street Takeover

Party like it’s Super Bowl 52 – except it isn’t… but we are hoping to organise this for the Saturday night prior to one of the London NFL games. We’ll get to do a full takeover of the Leake Street site ‘Nick Foles Bar’ and mezzanine level and indulge in all you can eat from a set menu of Passyunk’s Greatest Hits, and all you can drink (including draft/bottled beer, house wines, Jim Beam and a bottomless set menu of Passyunk’s greatest hits). Tickets are £70 each with 80 places available.

Passyunk Venue Tour Booze Cruise

Enjoy an action packed day that spans the portfolio of Passyunk venues, starting with lunch Passyunk Westfield, afternoon activity at Home Run House, dinner in the Nick Foles Bar at Passyunk Fitzrovia followed by late night drinks and entertainment at Leake Street. Transport between venues is provided. You’ll get lunch plus one drink, dinner plus one drink, batting cages sessions plus one drink and one late night drink included). We will aim to do this as a full day on the Saturday prior to one of the Sunday NFL game in London. Tickets are £140 each with 30 places available.

Reserve your spot:

To reserve your spot I have created a PayPal.Me link where you can send money, and where you are protected in your purchase. So be sure you add in the notes your full name, email address, and telephone number so I can contact you with progress. Sale of tickets will end by midnight on 20 May 2021.

  • To be one of the 80 people at the Leake Street takeover, click here. £70 per person.
  • To be one of the 30 people on the Booze Cruise, click here. £140 per person.

Terms and conditions:

  • You must buy your ticket by midnight on 20 May 2021.
  • Event dates are TBC – they depend on when the London games are, and also on venue availability. if you are unable to attend the event the date which is chosen, you will not receive a refund (as this is crowdfunding) but you can pass your ticket on to someone else to attend.
  • If we don’t get the full number of required people for the events (80 people for the Takeover and 30 people for the Booze Cruise) by 20 May then you will receive a refund.

Can’t do the events but keen to crowdfund for Passyunk regardless? Cool, here’s more info!

Build London’s biggest American dive bar on Leake Street, a legendary graffitied thoroughfare that recalls the gritty streets of Philly. Check out their Crowdfunder page here.

2 thoughts on “Syndicate to crowdfund Passyunk Avenue’s new venue at Leake Street

  1. Can anybody come to this? Would def love to get involved in one of these events to help my Passyunk homies out 🙂

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