🎧 Touchdown Tunes: NFL Stars Drop The Beat With “CROWD CONTROL” 🏈🎶

🎧 Touchdown Tunes: NFL Stars Drop The Beat With “CROWD CONTROL” 🏈🎶

Hold on to your helmets, football fans! The NFL has just hit a different kind of touchdown. In an unprecedented move, they’ve teamed up with Interscope Geffen A&M Records and EA SPORTS to unveil CROWD CONTROL, a first-ever EP featuring gridiron giants!

From Gridiron to Groovy:

Imagine our beloved NFL stars, from Pro Bowler Darren Waller (who, fun fact, is the grandson of jazz legend Fats Waller) to Terron Armstead, showcasing their vocal prowess alongside hip-hop sensations like Jay Rock and Rob49. This isn’t your everyday musical ensemble; this is Madden-level epic!

Behind The Beats:

The spark for CROWD CONTROL ignited at an NFL Career Tour stop at the headquarters of Interscope. The day revealed the musical aspirations of many players, and before anyone knew it, IGA Studios was buzzing with a blend of football champs, producers, and artists, all working on what would become the tracks of CROWD CONTROL.

And what do the collaborators have to say?

Tracy Perlman, Senior Vice President of Player Operations at the NFL, shared, “We envisioned NFL Career Tours to create opportunities for players off the field. The fact that just a few months later, these players have an opportunity to have their music featured in Madden and have an EP on one of the biggest record labels in the world far exceeded our expectations. It shows what can happen when the NFL aligns with enthusiastic partners who share our vision.”

David Nieman, Senior Vice President of Sports and Gaming at Interscope Geffen A&M, echoed the excitement: “The amount of musical creativity and talent coming from these players was truly inspiring. We immediately saw the potential to work with these players as artists, and our deep relationships with the NFL and with Electronic Arts made CROWD CONTROL, a first-of-its-kind EP featuring NFL players, possible. We’re so excited to share this with fans.”

Madden’s Musical Moment:

Steve Schnur, President of EA Music, highlighted the iconic nature of this union, saying, “For the past 20-plus years, our Madden NFL soundtracks have been America’s premier destination for new music discovery. To now have these NFL stars performing in a Madden NFL soundtrack furthers the partnership between sports and culture like never before. It’s a proud moment for EA SPORTS, the NFL, Interscope, EA Music, Hip Hop, and gamers everywhere.”

Track Attack:

Without further ado, here’s a sneak peek at what CROWD CONTROL has in store:

  1. “Primetime” – Rob49, Ray-Ray McCloud III, Jay Rock, and more.
  2. “Him” – Terron Armstead takes the mic with That Mexican OT.
  3. “Cold Now” – A cool track with Terron Armstead and Ray-Ray McCloud III.
  4. “Step” – Ray-Ray McCloud III teams up with Darren Waller.
  5. “Sweep” – A power play with Darren Waller and DJ Chark.
  6. “No Problems” – A star-studded finale with Rob49, Lebra Jolie, and the crew.

Watch everyone come together:

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