Northamptonshire Sport teams up with Northants Ducks to boost flag football

Northamptonshire Sport teams up with Northants Ducks to boost flag football

Northamptonshire Sport and the Northants Ducks are working together to promote the exciting game of Flag Football across Northamptonshire, with a special emphasis on getting girls involved.

The enthusiasm for flag football is growing, especially after Lings Primary School, supported by the Northants Ducks, won the NFL Flag UK National Schools Programme. This win means they will represent the UK in the upcoming International NFL Flag Championship in Orlando, Florida, in February. This victory shows there’s lots of talent in Northamptonshire and highlights the hard work put in by these young athletes.

The Northants Ducks also showcased their skills by winning the under-11s National Championship in September, showing their dedication to excellence and helping raise awareness of flag football within the community.

On 29th September, the first-ever Northamptonshire Flag Football Festival will take place at the historic Delaprè Abbey. This festival will bring 160 young players aged 7 to 9 for a day full of fun, friendship, and friendly competition. It’s a fantastic opportunity for young ones to experience the joy of Flag Football.

The efforts to grow the sport don’t stop here. Starting in October 2023, the Northants Ducks will introduce a new 6-week after-school programme for a group of 40 girls. This programme aims to provide a good introduction to Flag Football, encouraging young girls to explore their potential in a sport that emphasizes teamwork, strategy, and physical fitness.

This partnership between Northamptonshire Sport and Northants Ducks paints a bright future for Flag Football in Northamptonshire. It allows young athletes to shine on a global stage while promoting inclusivity and diversity within the sport.

Marcel Baker, the Head Coach of the Northants Ducks, said, “Northamptonshire Sport and the Northants Ducks are committed to fostering a culture of sportsmanship, teamwork, and excellence among the young people of Northamptonshire. Our recent successes and the upcoming Flag Football Festival and girls’ after-school programme are significant steps towards achieving that vision.”

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