Why I chose my team … Seattle Seahawks

Why I chose my team … Seattle Seahawks

huddleA lot of people have been asking me this via Twitter, along with comments such as “Glory supporter!” and “Seahawks fan since 2012?!?!”, so here I am with my story as to why I came to choose Seattle Seahawks as my NFL team.

I’d been going out with my boyfriend a couple of months, he’s quite in to his NFL, watched it growing up and then got back in to it years later. He’s a 49ers fan but loves watching the game in general. He was watching Sky Sports when I was over and it was Seattle playing, I can’t for the life of me remember who the opposition was, but I remembered it being mid-season or at least not too far away from the play-off’s (the one where Falcon’s knocked us out, if my memory serves me).

I didn’t get to watch many of the games after that, but I made sure I watched the highlights each week on channel 4 to see what was going on and it’s from there that my love for the sport grew and I decided to make Seattle my team – for a number of reasons, ones you’ll probably think are ridiculous but here goes – a) they were the first team I watched. b) I really like the colour Navy Blue. c) Richard Sherman, being Richard Sherman, stood out to me.

I then started to follow some of the players on Twitter. I came to admire Russell Wilson’s positivity, and Richard Sherman’s cockiness. I decided, having committed to a team to buy a jersey, so I went ahead to purchased one (my now favourite thing to wear on Sunday!).

What’s crazy is if I’d have waited a season before committing to my team, I probably would have ended up becoming a Lion’s fan, I’ve watched them a lot and they’re a great team with some incredible players!

I have no regrets over choosing Seattle as team but it is tiresome getting silly comments about being a glory supporter. At the same time, so what if I had of been, surely more people getting in to the sport is a good thing?

… So there you have it. This is my story! Feel free to comment below and share yours!

4 thoughts on “Why I chose my team … Seattle Seahawks

  1. Fantastic read with great enthusiasm for this great sport. As Bart Scott once said while being a Jet. “Can’t wait” for next year’s Wembley games. Oh yeah I’m a Jets fan, don’t laugh.

  2. After a while, you honestly stop caring about the naysayers. No team is #1 for too long. Just need to see it as “this cycle is good. I’ll enjoy this critics until it ends”.

    The 49ers, Cowboys and Broncos will testify :

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