Farewell Three. Russell Wilson traded to Denver

Farewell Three. Russell Wilson traded to Denver

Yesterday Twitter exploded with talks of Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson being traded to the Denver Broncos. I was at an International Women’s Day event at the time, I saw my phone and literally my faced dropped. “No… not Russell!” I proclaimed.

Today, the man himself confirmed it…

The trade also includes multiple first-round draft picks, plus additional picks and players, per sources informed of the decision. The Broncos get Russ, and a fourth-round pick. Seattle receive two first-rounders, two second-rounders, a fifth-rounder, quarterback Drew Lock, defensive tackle Shelby Harris and tight end Noah Fant. This is pending a physical, Wilson waiving his no-trade clause, and can be finalised after the new league year starts next week.

How do I feel? Devastated!

Back in 2014 I shared why I chose my team in which I mention Russell. In 2016 I shared how I felt he and Pete Carroll were a dream team, and just months later I questioned if Russ had lost it. He hadn’t. However, I never pictured the day I’d be writing about how he had left the team, or been traded away. I genuinely believed (and one day it could still happen) that he would retire in Seattle…

I’m honestly so sad. Russell Wilson was the first NFL jersey I ever treated myself to. I’ve always enjoyed watching him. The man has played a huge part in my NFL fandom – and to have been lucky enough to see him play here in the UK, that was special.

Safe to say I’m not taking the news so well…

Photo copyright: Elaine Thompson/AP

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