Has Russell Wilson lost his “1, 2, Step”?

Has Russell Wilson lost his “1, 2, Step”?

There has been a lot of speculation in this pre-season as to whether Russell Wilson can still bring his A-game, with even Pete Carroll at times blaming the offensive line issues on the quarter back for not getting rid of the ball fast enough.

“We really, we need to get the ball out. We need to throw the ball away and get rid of it so we don’t take the big plays (losses)… Russ can do a better job to help us there when we get stuck. Sometimes we try really hard to get out to try to make a bigger play when the pressure eventually gets there. But on rhythm, we were fine a few times. We need to get the ball out and stay quick with it like we want to and not let the rush get to us. When you don’t, then you suffer negative stuff that makes it hard to get going.” Pete Carroll.

So what’s the deal? Was his abstinence the reason his game was so strong in the past? This off-season, Russell married pop star singer Ciara. Will we see a different Wilson now he has settled down? Perhaps a wild speculation but with his marriage and the desire to start a family of his own, will he be as willing to to rush around the field and risk getting hurt? Might we see him settle down and become an elite pocket passer? Some have criticised his willingness to pass up an easy completion and take off running.

What if it the team around him, that made his stand out as a star quarterback? It could be that the offensive line isn’t gelling the way it needs to be. Interestingly, did you know Seahawks spend less on their offense than any other team in the NFL (read more on that here). Last season, in exactly the stage we’re at now, Seahawks still hadn’t settled on an offensive line and it seems yet again we’re in the same situation.

Personally, I really like him, he is one of the reasons I chose them as my team, he seems a humble man, not cocky, very dedicated to his religion and without a doubt to the game. Wilson is in the best shape of his life and importantly he’s enjoying it, despite the Hollywood media following his every move. These factors will help him settle back in to the new season. I’m looking forward to seeing him in action when the new season kicks off!

In Russ we trust.

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