Most popular NFL jerseys among women in the US

Most popular NFL jerseys among women in the US

So earlier this week, Dick’s Sporting Goods tweeted a chart showing the most popular NFL jerseys by state among women, taking into account all in-store and online jersey sales between May 2014 and October 2014.

Pittsburgh Steelers tight end Heath Miller, ranks No. 1 in both North Dakota and Arkansas. Green Bays, Aaron Rodgers has the most popular jersey in Minnesota

Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson, Patriots Tom Brady and Saints Drew Brees each have the top selling jerseys in four different states. Wilson in Washington, Idaho, Nevada and New Mexico, Brady in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Wyoming and Brees in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and oddly, Vermont.

No other player had the top-selling jersey in four different states, however, Jamaal Charles did have the top-selling jersey in three different states – Kansas, Nebraska and Hawaii.

Some interesting points worth noting… Tom Brady is on top in Wyoming,Tony Romo in Alaska and Andrew Luck very popular in Oregon. In Minnesota, Vikings might be the State’s favourite time but it is Aaron Rodgers has the top selling jersey (he has this in Wisconsin too, obviously).

And finally, Andrew Luck has the No. 1 overall selling jersey among women in any state.


I’d love to create one of these for the UK however, I’m not a retailer so I’d struggle to get the stats. Instead, I’m asking the question to Twitter, so it’ll be interesting to see the response.

Annoyingly, when I was in London at the Niketown store, they had a small and limited choice of women’s jerseys. You only had say 7 teams to choose from (if even that!) and then only one choice of player which was generally their quarterback. I remember when I came to buy my jersey two years ago, even the NFL Europe store had limited choice online so I had to go direct to my teams website and order from America.

It’s a shame us girls aren’t quite thought of here in the UK, or have the same amount of choice the men have for jerseys – perhaps over time, that will improve! *Fingers crossed*

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