Fantasy NFL – Week 13 … Could’ve been worse!

Fantasy NFL – Week 13 … Could’ve been worse!

It wasn’t my best week but it’s certainly wasn’t my worse! I’d completely changed it up this week and it’s safe to say there’s a few regrets. I took everyone out except for Andrew Luck (31 points) and DeMarco Murray (17 points). It put in Arian Foster as my other RB, not too bad, as he got me a nice 15 points, T.Y.Hilton and Odell Beckham as my WRs who got 21 points between them, Greg Olsen as my TE (what was I thinking!), who got me 5 points, Chandler Catanzara as my Kicker who got me 4 points (still kicking myself over not keeping Cody Parkey!), Dolphins as my Defense (8 points) and Eddie Lacy as my Wild Card who kindly got me 10 points.

Had I have stuck with my ‘old faithful’ team I think I’d have scored higher, but I can’t complain too much, I got 112 points for the week and ranked 11,518th, and am 10,804 overall in the league.

Onwards and (hopefully) upwards!

One thought on “Fantasy NFL – Week 13 … Could’ve been worse!

  1. I scored 129 points with :

    Andrew Luck 32 Pts

    DeMarco Murray 17 Pts
    Giovani Bernard 4 Pts

    Jeremy Maclin 10 Pts
    Golden Tate 8 Pts

    Greg Olsen 5 Pts

    Eagles Defense 14 Pts

    Cody Parkey 15 Pts

    WILD CARD Aaron Rdgers 24 Pts

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