NFL Fantasy…. A Final Round-up

NFL Fantasy…. A Final Round-up

Well, if anything, it was all meant to be a little bit of fun between my boyfriend and our friends. Before my fantasy season started I knew very little about players other than your key ones and those of my team – if anything I’ve gained important knowledge. It wasn’t about winning… WHAT AM I SAYING? OF COURSE IT WAS!!

Sadly, that didn’t happen – but I did come second! I mean, you only have to look at the likes of XFactor winners to know it’s the person who comes second who has the better career (Oh how I am making myself laugh writing this!).

Overall I ranked 10024th with 1690 points – with the winner at 1803 points. Let’s bear in mind the winner has taken part every week whereas I only joined in Week 3, I totally would have won if I’d started from the beginning.

But let’s remember people, it’s not about winning, it’s taking part that counts….!

Allow me to take this opportunity to say thanks to all of those who advised me on particular players to choose – and for those who didn’t mock me along my not-so-winning ways.

I’ll be playing again next season on both the NFLUK Fantasy, and nervously for the first ever time, the proper NFL drafted one – wish me luck!

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