The Battle in Seattle

The Battle in Seattle

green-bay-packers-seattle-seahawks-betting-trends-stats-sportsbook.pics_This Sunday is the battle in Seattle for the NFC Championship where the reigning champions host four-time Super Bowl winners the Green Bay Packers, but which team comes out on top?

As a Seahawks fan, I’m both nervous and excited. I feel we stand a great chance at making in to the Super Bowl but I know what a great side the Packers are too.

The game kicks off around 8pm here in the UK so it’ll be a late night for many who stay up to watch the full game and it sounds like one not to miss. Could we see revenge for Packers after Seattle beat them 36-16 at the start of the season? Or with the injuries for key players be the reason Seattle cause upset yet again?

For me it’s tough to call, both teams have incredible talent. I obviously would love to Seattle win the NFC Championship yet again and go on to meet either Colts or Patriots at the Super Bowl. Either way, it’ll be a great game and I’ve got a feeling it’ll be very close and down to the wire.

Bring it on. #GoHawks

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