Love NFL? Love Pizza? Then you’ll love this!

Love NFL? Love Pizza? Then you’ll love this!


Back in August, I decided to get in touch with the social media team at my favourite pizza place, Papa Johns, because I’d keep seeing in over in the US all these NFL related deals and I felt with the way the game is growing over here in the UK that the guys at Papa Johns here seriously needed to step up their game and get involved in ours!

Initially, my idea was to get some kind of offer going, especially as at the time everyone was setting up their football fantasy teams. It took nearly a month of chasing them for a response, but it was worth the wait because the team at Papa Johns came back with an even better offer, one that would last the whole season:

“The NFL season is underway and we’ve got an easy way for you to get involved. Introducing 50 for 50. If any of Sunday’s NFL games have a combined score of 50 points or more, you get 50% off pizzas when you spend £15 or more. Even better, this deal is available every game weekend until the end of season at Superbowl 50!”

… So there we have it, every NFL and pizza lovers dream – an offer just for us! 

For more information on their offer, and how to claim yours on a Sunday/Monday, click the link for more information: Enjoy!

All I can ask is that the team at Papa Johns UK seriously get on it from a marketing point of view, we’ve got the International Series coming up and I hope to see them promoting every where, at every possible event. It’s a growing sport so make the most of it! I’ve got lots of ideas should they wish to know more!

P.S. Before anyone asks, this is not a sponsored post – I mean, I wish it was, I’d accept a lifetime worth of pizza for bringing the idea to their attention. 

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