The unlucky 13: The teams who have never won a Super Bowl

The unlucky 13: The teams who have never won a Super Bowl

sb50With Super Bowl 50 just 12 weeks away, there’s no better time than now to discuss the Super Bowl, or at least more specifically for today’s post, the teams who’ve never won it.

The ‘unlucky 13’ represent the teams that have never won a Super Bowl. There are nine teams who have made it to the final but were not successful in their challenge – Arizona Cardinals, Atlanta Falcons, Buffalo Bills, Cincinnati Bengals, Carolina Panthers, Minnesota Vikings, Philadelphia Eagles, San Diego Chargers and the Tennessee Titans. The Bengals and Eagles have made it to the final twice and Vikings and Bills having made it four times – all coming away with nothing.

Personally, I think there are three teams mentioned here who have a great chance at making it this year – Bengals, Cardinals and Panthers so it’d be interesting to see how it all pans out.

This of course leaves us with four franchises to have never reached a Super Bowl ever – Cleveland Browns, Detroit Lions, Houston Texans and the Jacksonville Jaguars. The Texans have only been around since 2002 so I’ll give them a break. I really thought Lions were going to make it last year, I don’t know enough about Browns to really comment and as for Jaguars, they’re performance is gradually improving so who knows what their future holds.

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