Return of ‘A Football Life’ and ‘The Timeline’ to NFL Network to highlight 25 NFL Films documentaries for 2016

Return of ‘A Football Life’ and ‘The Timeline’ to NFL Network to highlight 25 NFL Films documentaries for 2016

For the 2016 NFL season, NFL Films presents 25 documentaries that will air on NFL Network, highlighted by the anticipated returns of two Emmy-nominated series, A Football Life and The Timeline.

Each episode of A Football Life and The Timeline – as well as all NFL Network programming – is streamed live on the NFL Mobile from Verizon app ( and via Watch NFL Network on tablet (NFL Mobile and Watch NFL Network apps), PC (, Xbox One and Xbox 360(NFL on Xbox app) and other connected TV devices (NFL app on Apple TV and Playstation 4).

A Football Life

The 13-episode season of A Football Life continues to examine the iconic individuals and subjects that have had an undeniable and profound impact on the history of the National Football League, offering an inside look into their untold stories. It will include the likes of Jim Brown, Brett Favre, Michael Vick, Pat Tillman and more.

The show premieres on Friday 16 September with a profile of Pro Football Hall of Fame running back Curtis Martin.

  • Among the subjects profiled this season of A Football Life are:
  • Super Bowl champion safety Rodney Harrison
  • Former Pro Bowl wide receiver Chad Johnson
  • Hall of Fame quarterback Steve Young
  • The late Pat Tillman
  • Hall of Fame quarterback Brett Favre
  • Former Pro Bowl quarterback Michael Vick
  • Hall of Fame running back Jim Brown
  • Baltimore Ravens wide receiver Steve Smith Sr.
  • Hall of Fame quarterback Troy Aikman
  • Former Pro Bowl defensive back Charles Woodson
  • Hall of Fame linebacker Kevin Greene
  • Hall of Fame head coach Chuck Noll

The Timeline

The second season of the successful series The Timeline begins from Wednesday September 14 with Last Day in LA, chronicling the last time football was played in Los Angeles in 1994. On Friday, September 9, The Timeline airs at a special time with 9/11, which examines how the NFL reacted to the crisis of September 11, 2001.

The expanded, 10-episode season of the ground-breaking series airs throughout the 2016 NFL season with hour-long episodes chronicling seminal moments that formed the NFL’s storied past, shape the present and, in some cases, set the stage for the future. Among the subjects featured this season are on The Timeline:

  • 9/11 – The inside story of how the NFL reacted to the crisis of September 11, 2001
  • Last Day in LA – Exploring the complex history of football in Los Angeles through the lens of Christmas Eve 1994
  • Rebirth in New Orleans – The story of the recovery and grand re-opening of the New Orleans Superdome post-Hurricane Katrina
  • Night of the Living Steelers – Legendary zombie filmmaker George A. Romero revisits Pittsburgh and members of the 1970s Super Bowl Steelers
  • Peyton Manning’s Summer School – The story of how Peyton Manning prepared for his record-setting 2013 season with exclusive, never before seen access of Manning that spring and summer
  • 0 and 26 – The story of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and their inspired march to a first win that became as satisfying as any the league has ever seen
  • There’s Only One America’s Team – In 1978, NFL Films dubbed the Dallas Cowboys as “America’s Team.” Ever since, no team has become more loved, and possibly more hated
  • 1984 Comeback – An exploration of what 1980’s “cool” really was and how a team – the Miami Dolphins – came to define the style and substance of the league for years to come
  • Lombardi’s Redskins – The story of Vince Lombardi’s one year of coaching in the nation’s capital
  • The Fog Bowl – Exploring the 1988 NFC Divisional Round Game between the Philadelphia Eagles and Chicago Bears

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