How to throw an awesome Super Bowl party!

How to throw an awesome Super Bowl party!

In this season’s grand finale, the Atlanta Falcons will take the field against New England Patriots. Your task is to throw the Super Bowl of all Super Bowl parties and we’re here to make sure you get the basics right – we’re talking great food, great drinks and great entertainment!

Let’s start with the first thing on everyone’s mind – Food!

I like the idea of having something small as people turn up and then something more substantial a little closer to the game.

Why not get things started with bagels cut in to halves and shared around. In fact, I saw on my rounds through the super market last weekend that New York Bakery Co have just released a new cheese bagel (or as they call it ‘The CHEESY bagel. A bagelsy so cheesy it’s got its own language(sy).’– I think this would be pretty damn delicious served New York style with some hot pastrami/cured beef brisket, American mustard and dill pickles.

As the official pizza sponsor of the NFL and Super Bowl, Papa John’s is the way to go if your plan is to order take-out food. Personally, I love a good ‘Papa’s Favourite’ pizza (sausage meat and pepperoni) on a classic/thin crust but everyone has different tastes – however, you can’t go wrong with a simple Pepperoni! They also have some great sharing options like the new ‘Smoke & Fire’ for £8.99 which includes one portion of Chicken Poppers and two portions of Chicken Wings.

… Other pizza take-away outlets are of course, available!

Also, as important – the drinks!

Beer and football just goes together. At the start of the NFL season, Budweiser released NFL team-specific beer cans. Sadly, they never sold them over here as the market isn’t quite big enough for them to do so – but I did enjoy a few bottles of Bud when I was at MetLife NJ watching the Giants play against Saints in September. Whatever your tipple, make sure there’s plenty for you and your friends so you don’t run out. Drink responsibly people!

Now, let’s make things a little more fun…!

I’ve heard lots of different ideas on how people make things fun at their parties, and here’s a few of my favourites.

Consider giving everyone flags that they can throw on plays. We all get annoyed when referees make daft calls in the game, so why not join in on the action and throw your own!

Make bets with your friends on the colour of the Gatorade, or bets on who the MVP and Coach thank first. You can literally bet on anything!

If no-one’s interested in the half time show or the post-game ceremony, why not play some beer pong? That’s always fun! Well, if you’re winning anyway.

So there you have it, the fundamental basics for throwing an awesome Super Bowl party!

Everyone has their own traditions with the Super Bowl, whether it’s staying in with friends or going out to a bar. I’d love to hear about yours, just comment below or send some pictures over!

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