Week two picks for Colossus Bets

Week two picks for Colossus Bets

With the new season underway, I place my picks for week two of NFL action with Colossus Bets.

CAR Panthers @ ATL Falcons
(Panthers: 1-6. Falcons: 7-12)
The Falcons have concerns over injuries in Defense, which could give Panthers a chance to get theirs going. However, if the Falcons can get some Offense going, then they stand a really good chance – they’re difficult to call after the first game.

KC Chiefs @ PIT Steelers
(Chiefs: 7-12)
I’m going all in on Chiefs here. Big Ben is a slow starter when the season first kicks off, and he played poorly against the Browns. Andy Reid on the other hand, usually has a good start to the season and I’m not sure how well the Steelers defense will hold up against explosive play from Chiefs.

MIN Vikings @ GB Packers
(Vikings: 1-6, 13-18. Packers: 1-6)
This game could go either way, it all depends on if Aaron Rodgers plays. However, if he doesn’t play you should expect to see the Vikings having fun in the end zone, as they still look as strong as they did last season!

PHI Eagles @ TB Buccaneers
(Eagles: 1-6, 7-12. Buccs: 1-6)
The Eagles have a stronger defense than the Saints right now, and it’s unlikely Fitzpatrick will work his magic two games in a row. Eagles to win.

NE Patriots @ JAX Jaguars
(Patriots: 1-6. Jaguars: 1-6)
I initially had Pats down for the win on this but this could be where the Jaguars seek revenge. Some say that Belichick treats September as though it is still preseason, so there’s normally a loss or two for the team in this month.

OAK Raiders @ DEN Broncos
(Broncos: 1-6, 7-12)
The Raiders are on a short week, having to go up to Mile High and deal with its thin air. Last week, Derek Carr made some poor decisions, and Raiders got little pressure on Goff. The Broncos pass rush might have a field day here.

NY Giants @ DAL Cowboys
(Giants: 1-6, 7-12. Cowboys: 1-6)
The Cowboys are looking out of sorts at the moment on their Offense. Offensive Line and Dak Prescott’s decision making, in particular. The Giants O-Line isn’t any better either, however, their skill players and Defense is what gives them the edge.

I’m in it to win £50,000 so if you think these picks sound like a win-win situation and want to get involved, join my syndicate here.

Good luck!

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