Colossus Bets syndicate for NFL Week Three

Colossus Bets syndicate for NFL Week Three

Last week my Colossus Bets syndicate for NFL Week Two went 4 for 7 meaning we each took away a consolation. Happy days! Now it’s time for my Colossus Bets syndicate for NFL Week Three – the games are upon us and below are my selected picks.

I’m in it to win £50,000 so if you think these picks sound like a win-win situation, and you want to get involved, join my syndicate here.

NO Saints (1-6) @ ATL Falcons (1-6)

The game between Saints and Falcons is likely to be a shootout that really could go either way. At the moment, the Falcons are pretty banged up on defense, however their offense should keep them close to the Saints.

GB Packers (1-6, 7-12) @ WAS Redskins (1-6)

The Packers have played two very good defenses so far, especially as the defense under Coach Pettine is a work in progress. Last week Washington were over powered by the Colts, making their recent win over a worse than realised at the time Cardinals, looks less impressive. I’m going to favour the Packers in this game, although it’ll probably end up close.

OAK Raiders (1-6) @ MIA Dolphins (1-6)

The Raiders have played well in spells but seem to have let themselves down in the 2nd half. They are really lacking a pass-rush since trading away Khalil Mack. Also worth pointing out that a West coast team playing 1pm ET is always a disadvantage. However the Dolphins 2-0 record looks a bit better than they’ve played. Likely to be close and could go either way.

IND Colts (1-6, 7-12) @ PHI Eagles (1-6)

There is trouble in Philidelphia with the offensive skill players – Wentz’s first game back is against a defense who look better than we first thought. Andrew Luck has surprised with his effectiveness and the Eagles defense doesn’t look nearly as intimidating as it did last year. We could hear the boo birds again. Eagles have the home field advantage in this game but I’m slightly favour with the Colts in this game.

DAL Cowboys @ SEA Seahawks (7-12)

Who are the Cowboys? A team that looked so meek in week 1, or the team that strangled the life out of the Giants in week 2? The Seahawks need a game in front of the 12s, the defense with Kendricks looks better than expected and Wilson might do enough at home to get a confidence boosting win. I’m going in on Seahawks here.

CHI Bears (1-6) @ ARZ Cardinals (1-6)

The Bears offense and Trubisky are still struggling with any consistency. If the Cardinals struggle on offense early on in the game, and against one of the best defensive lines in NFL – we could see Rosen’s first snaps. David Johnson could slow down the rush in the pass game. Expect this game to be close.

NE Patriots (1-6, 7-12) @ DET Lions (1-6)

This game sees Belichick vs his prodigy. Patricia looks to be revolutionising the culture in Detroit, when maybe evolution was all that was needed. The defense looks out of sorts and the Pats will absolutely exploit it, they also rarely lose two games in a row. Stafford will keep the Lions in the game against a Pats defense that’s still finding its identity.

Want in on the action? 

Join my syndicate now.Good luck!

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