Colossus Bets syndicate for NFL Week Six

Colossus Bets syndicate for NFL Week Six

Last week, for the forth week in a row, I went 4 for 7 on my syndicate with Colossus Bets meaning all involved took away a consolation. Happy days! Now it’s time for my Colossus Bets syndicate for NFL Week Six.

We’re in it to win £50,000. Here’s my preview for Week 6. If you want to be part of our Syndicate, you can get involved here.

SEA Seahawks (1-6, 7-12) @ OAK Raiders (1-6)

It’s time for the NFL London Games, a neutral place for both teams, albeit a ‘home’ game for the Raiders. Looking at last week, the Seahawks came out of the loss to the Rams with more positives than negatives. Russell Wilson was playing back to his 2017 best, and the Raiders don’t have the pass rush to worry Wilson. However, Carr, and Lynch, against his old team might keep it close.

PIT Steelers (1-6) @ CIN Bengals (1-6)

This game sees two of the most explosive offenses in the NFL this season play. This is also one of the biggest rivalries in the game, and is likely to produce a shootout that could go either way.

LA Chargers (1-6) @ CLE Browns (1-6)

Every Browns game so far this season has been really close – had the ball bounced right they could conceivably be 4-1 or even 5-0. Chargers offense against the Browns defense will be one to watch. Both teams seem to suffer from bad luck and self-inflicted losses, so this game could come down to a missed field goal.

CAR Panthers (1-6) @ WAS Redskins (1-6, 7-12)

It’s hard to know who exactly Washington is at the moment. Are they the team with one of the best defenses in the league and balanced offense from the Packers game? or are they the team that got steamrollered by the Saints in an emotional Monday Night Football? This game is a good test to see whether the Panthers are legitimate playoff contenders this year or a middling team. I’m giving the edge to the Redskins but it could go either way.

JAX Jaguars @ DAL Cowboys (7-12)

Bortles has looked particularly poor on the road. The Jaguars defense isn’t up to its levels of 2017 yet, and a second concurrent road game may see them come unstuck again. Looking at the Cowboys, they have been Jekyl and Hyde so far this year but in this game I’d expect them to bounce back from their Sunday Night Football disappointment.

BAL Ravens (7-12) @ TEN Titans (1-6)

The Titans play teams hard, and close, but that also means they can beat good teams and lose to bad teams. If the Ravens can get some offense going they should win this. The Titans will hope the game comes down to a one-possession score on the last drive of the game. Worth remembering that the Titans are 12-2 at home over their last 14 games. In that time the Ravens are 5-9 on the road.

KC Chiefs (1-6, 7-12) @ NE Patriots (1-6)

Is this an AFC Championship preview? If this was in the playoffs then you’d have to side with Belichick and his game management over Reid. However, as its early in the regular season the Chiefs may edge this, while Belichick gathers information to plan for a postseason take down. It’s unlikely the Patriots have the talent on defense to stop the Chiefs explosiveness on offense, and Belichick may not want to give up a scheme he wants to use in the postseason so favour the Chiefs slightly here.



Want in on the action? Join my syndicate now. Good luck!

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