Celebrating NFL fans in the UK: Introducing Jack Humphrey

Celebrating NFL fans in the UK: Introducing Jack Humphrey

I’d like to introduce you to Jack Humphrey, co-host of the Kickers Matter Fantasy Football podcast. Jack is a New York Giants fan and shares with us how he got in to the NFL, how he made the choice of his team as well as more about his overall experience as a fan.

What got you in to American Football, and what’s your earliest memory of the sport?

First started following after watching super bowl XLII. The helmet catch was my first memory, just an unreal moment setting up the game winning moment for the Giants.

The team you support, was that encouraged by friends/family, or was that your own decision?

New York Giants. I’m a Chelsea fan (soccer) and the Giants play in big blue. It was an easy choice. That and then being the first team I ever watched. I could have been a Patriots fan had things gone definitely in that Super Bowl.

What is your favourite NFL memory so far?

My favourite NFL memory is watching the Giants live against the then St Louis Rams at Twickenham. Seeing them win and the great Odell Beckham Jr live.

What do you enjoy the most about the NFL International Series? Or do you prefer watching games in the States?

I love the fact I’ve been able to see 28/32 NFL teams  live. Without the International series this would be impossible. If I’m honest I prefer watching the games in the States. It’s the ultimate experience and I urge everyone to do it!

What is your favourite memory from meeting up with other NFL fans?

My favourite memory of meeting other fans is attending Liz’s NFLUKFanMeetUp last year. I was meant to go with my podcast host Steve, but he was taken ill at the time. I was nervous and didn’t know what to expect but luckily I’d met Liz husband Bharat a few weeks prior. Liz and Bharat invited me for dinner at Passyunk Avenue (I urge anyone to go) and we had the best night. Not content with just one night we continued at the green man pub the next day before the game. I can truly say I’ve made friends for life.

What player would you like to see the most play for your team?

The player I’d like most to see as a Giant is (sorry Liz!) Bobby Wagner.  A natural born leader, a tackle machine and a game wrecker.

Outside of your own franchise, who is your favourite fanbase?

Favourite team outside of my own is probably the Miami Dolphins. My father in law lived in Miami for a while and I got to see them a few times at the then sun life stadium.

And just for fun, let’s play NFL Tinder. Which team would you swipe right for? And which team gets a left swipe?

I’d swipe Right for the New York Giants of course. It’s been tough since those Super Bowls but we are on the right track back. I’d swipe left for the Eagles and Cowboys. Division rivalry obviously!

It was great to hear from Jack Humphrey, so be sure to check him out on Twitter too. You can read more like this on the Fan Series section of the blog.

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