Celebrating NFL fans in the UK: Matt Cullen

Celebrating NFL fans in the UK: Matt Cullen

I’d like to introduce you to Matt Cullen a New York Jets fan and shares with us how he got in to the NFL, how he made the choice of his team as well as more about his overall experience as a fan.

What got you in to American Football, and what’s your earliest memory of the sport?

Buying Madden 2002 for the GameCube, playing as the Rams because they were the best. The game taught me all the rules which obviously to begin with were completely alien. 

The team you support, was that encouraged by friends/family, or was that your own decision?

My British Aunt has lived in Connecticut since 1991, in 2006 me and my brother did a 3 week “tour of America” and we went to a Jets game. It (unfortunately) stuck from there. If the Giants has been at home instead that Sunday it could have been oh so different……

What is your favourite NFL memory so far?

The Jets winning in Foxboro in the 2011 Divisional round, and Bart Scott’s legendary interview after! I mean generally any time the Pats lose is a win right? But this one in particular 

What do you enjoy the most about the NFL International Series? Or do you prefer watching games in the States?

My very first live game was in the States and was an amazing experience with a real tailgate, everyone was so friendly. But I’ve been to 20 international series games now and you can’t beat the day out that it is, good food, drink and meeting likeminded fans including many of the “NFL twitter community” 

What is your favourite memory from meeting up with other NFL fans?

Green Man prior to Jags Texans last year! Was great to meet with so many people I’ve interacted with on twitter for 2 years. Don’t remember much of the game mind you…

What player would you like to see the most play for your team?

Julio Jones – Best WR in the league even if that means me agreeing with Jamie Byrom! 

Outside of your own franchise, who is your favourite fanbase?

Bears, two of my best friends follow them which helps.

And just for fun, let’s play NFL Tinder. Which team would you swipe right for? And which team gets a left swipe?

Right for Vikings (I love their fight song and my 4 year old now knows all the words). Left for them damn Pats!

It was great to hear from Matt, so be sure to check him out on Twitter too. You can read more like this on the Fan Series section of the blog.

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