Cincinnati Bengals Superfan: Shawn Moore ‘Who Dey Baby’

Cincinnati Bengals Superfan: Shawn Moore ‘Who Dey Baby’

Welcome to the debut episode of the Superfan Series. In this episode, I’m joined by Cincinnati Bengals fan Shawn Moore.

Shawn is one of the most dedicated fans you’ll meet. He travels from Tampa Bay to Cincinnati for every home game and no matter what – he’s always optimistic, he’s always positive, and he’s always uplifting.

Shawn channels this positivity into supporting various charities through tailgates and on his own. He uses the common thread of fandom to help raise money for good causes, to help families that are hurting, and make fans who have travelled / may feel left out be included in what amounts to home game fun.

In the interview we talk about what it means to be a super fan, and what makes his team so special. Enjoy the show!

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