Scott Hanson, Presenter of NFL Red Zone

Scott Hanson, Presenter of NFL Red Zone

In this episode of Cleats Off, Liz Bhandari speaks to Scott Hanson, presenter of NFL RedZone. Before NFL RedZone, Scott was working as a roving reporter, and they would fly him to practice, new conferences, or games in one of the 32 NFL cities. Scott was a guy in a press box, and he would be in one game, but be interested in what was happening in all the other games in other stadiums. When he heard that the NFL was planning to start NFL RedZone, which would show every touchdown from every game, he called them, did an audition, and now he’s doing season 13.

In this episode, Scott shares his experience and aspirations as a presenter, his enthusiasm in football, and some of the fantastic things that NFL Redzone brings to the space. 

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