The XFL announce its teams ahead of 2023 kickoff

The XFL announce its teams ahead of 2023 kickoff

This morning both the XFL and ESPN announced the names of the eight XFL teams to be playing when the new season kicks off in 2023.

  • Arlington Renegades: Based in Arlington Texas. A Texan team built on defiance and their desire to win. Make way for their fans because it’s time for a rebellion.
  • DC Defenders: Based in Washington DC. Pride. Service. Fortitude. In that order. The Capital of the world stands and holds proud.
  • Houston Roughnecks: Based in Houston, Texas. Hard work, never giving up and being as tough as they come. Fresh off the oil rigs, and proud, clear a path because here they come.
  • Orlando Guardians: Based in Orlando, Florida. Protectors of everything that the Orlando sun sets eyes on. Make way for our fans as they wade through silent waters that are theirs.
  • San Antonio Brahmas: Based in San Antonio, Texas. Strong as they are stubborn, recognising no superior in power or pride. The only thing that goes harder than they do are their fans.
  • Seattle Sea Dragons: Based in Seattle, Washington. Residing in the Puget Sound, they are the undisputed demons of the deep. The stuff of myth and legend, steer clear of their fans during battle.
  • St. Louis Battlehawks: Based in St. Louis, Missouri. Soaring higher and faster than anyone, the St. Louis Battlehawks are a force for freedom. Like their fans, these sky sentinels fly for promise and glory.
  • Vegas Vipers: Based in Las Vegas, Nevada. As blinding as the lights of the Vegas strip they call home. They and their fans have an instinct on when to go all in.

Here’s Laura Rutledge, reporter and host for ESPN and the SEC Network, introducing the XFL teams:

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